The CW: 5 DC Characters Who Need Their Own Show

Dusty Haynes

September 17th, 2016

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The CW: 5 DC Characters Who Need Their Own Show
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The DCEU has been a success at the box office and its partnership with The CW Network has certainly made believers amongst many in the fan community. But have we reached the saturation point for superhero shows on The CW or are there still resources left in the tank. Here, our Dusty Haynes looks at what characters might be worth of their own series.

The CW: 5 DC Characters Who Need Their Own Show

Next week marks the beginning of the Fall television season, which means it's almost time for all of our favorite DC shows to come back on the air. In recent years, characters like The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl have taken over the small screen. It's been a new golden age for superhero television.  That got me thinking, what other DC Comics characters might do well in their own TV show?

Here's my list of 5 DC TV shows I believe would work.


No. 1:  The Spectre

DC Comics Show Spectre

Credit: DC Comics

Introduced in 1940, the Spectre is a spirit of vengeance, tasked with avenging those who have been murdered. While the Spectre himself is almost all-powerful, he is limited by his need to be attached to a human host. In the comics, his primary host is a murdered  cop named Jim Corrigan.

A Spectre show on The CW could work as a supernatural crime procedural with Corrigan/Spectre passing judgement on evil-doers while searching for his own killers.

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