Supergirl Flying Away? Not likely

Carmel Agnant Carmel Agnant
February 12th, 2016

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Supergirl Flying Away? Not likely

Supergirl has a big fan in the form of our very own Carmel Agnant. In this opinion piece, Carmel explains why she believes CBS' super powered show is here to stay.

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s actually Supergirl, serving increasingly quality episodes on CBS.

There has been recent good news to rile up DC fans and comic book enthusiasts everywhere; CW’s Flash will appear on an episode of Supergirl on March 28th.

The newly confirmed crossover started out as a hopeful rumor and became an exciting reality. A project that was seemingly made possible by the success of an unprecedented crossover of NBC’s Constantine into CW’s Arrow. Now, viewers can see the DC Universe expand before their eyes on the small screen.

Although it's amazing to see the DC TV Universe come alive, the greater news is that Supergirl has proven itself over and is gaining an audience. Every episode so far has been getting better with time. Supergirl was off to a rocky start, receiving judgements even before it aired. It was deemed too girly and cliché with Kara getting coffee for Cat Grant or being stuck in an unrequited love triangle. The show soon became more than what it seemed to be.

While storyline and great plots played a big role, they aren’t the only factors. A huge key is the characters that appear on the show, whether they are temporary or not.

The show contain exceptional character staples like Cat Grant and Jimmy Olson. However, some other characters were surprising like Martian Manhunter as Hank Henshaw.

Martian Manhunter becoming a part of the Supergirl team was a positive turning point of the show because it put to the forefront an important but yet forgotten character. DC has been through many changes (like New 52 and DC You) and so one of the original Justice League founding members became less prominent (especially since his Justice League Unlimited days). His appearance added new life to the show.


Credit: CBS Supergirl

Supergirl is consistent with bringing about DC characters and placing them to the forefront. This steady stream includes Reactron, Maxwell Lord, Livewire, Red Tornado, White Martian, Toyman, and Bizarro Girl.

By the looks of it, the show is expecting to have even more great characters.

The characters are an integral part of the show. It not only give fans the opportunity to geek out but viewers who are not familiar with DC can see a variety of interesting characters.

In addition to the supporting characters, Supergirl herself is showing great development. She isn’t the cliché that doubters predicted and the show reflects that in every way possible. Kara is ultimately herself. She is strong, selfless, vulnerable, and aware. She learns a new lesson every step of the way and learns more about herself as well.

Kara Danvers proves to be a genuine character.

It is necessary for Supergirl to be a quality show, in light of the news of the Flash crossover. It means that the Flarrowverse will now be connected altogether. Supergirl will not only be a part of the worlds of Flash and Arrow, but DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well.

This can also mean more possible widely supported crossovers.

CBS has yet to officially report if Supergirl will be renewed for another season, but the potential is there and it is undeniable.

It has improved since the beginning and has been consistent ever since. The show has a large following, with an average viewership of about 8.8 million, according to Variety.

CBS is still getting a taste of what it is like to have a superhero show and hopefully it will find its footing like the CW. The network decided to order the full first season back in November, which is a good sign. It is off to a great start and they should hold on to that.



Carmel Agnant is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow her on Twitter: @super_duper94

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