The Xena Reboot: A Fantasy Cast

Kate Blake Kate Blake

January 13th, 2016

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Xena Warrior Princess has some of the most devoted fans anywhere, and one of her biggest fans - our very own Kate Blake - is here to tell us who she thinks should be cast in a Xena reboot.

How Can A True Xenite Imagine Anyone Else Taking Over?

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am a big Xena Warrior Princess fan and I am frequently updating my Xena fantasy team.


Not because I don't want the original cast back. I would, of course, have them all back and love it!

The thing is, I can't help but get the impression that, perhaps, the cast themselves aren't as keen to come back for a full season, let alone more. In at least one interview, when asked about returning to the role, Lucy Lawless stated that she wants to get Xena's head stuck back on, pretend the cremation never happened or was someone/thing else, and that the quest ultimately ends in them handing over to a new Warrior Princess.

My fantasy for the reboot is outlined in my previous post which includes a passing of the torch scenario so the original cast can have one last proper send off.

So, hopefully the more hard core among you will be able to forgive me for promoting Lucy Lawless to the Warrior Queen, and indulging in my own casting for the next in line.

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  1. Agent 86 says:

    I’m not familiar with Lily Rabe or Emmanuelle Vaugier, but I like all of the other suggestions.
    Of course, much like the original series, I’m hopeful that they will find a diamond in the rough to play Xena.
    And, as much as I would be happy to see a POC cast as Xena and/or Gabrielle, I selfishly hope that they choose actors with similar colouring and physiques to Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor so that we could potentially have a three-episode event in the future where Xena and Gabrielle from the future (i.e. Lawless and O’Connor) travel to the past and encounter their younger selves (or some other fantastic premise involving parallel dimensions or alternate realities).

  2. Spider-wen says:

    Lily Rabe is a genius idea. I can’t decide if I want her as Xena or Gabrielle, though. Luke Colter as Ares is great too.
    Anders Holm could be Joxer. He does idiotic well on Workoholics.

  3. Eclipse Solar says:

    My Xena Fantasy Team :

    Lily Rabe??? She is a great actress but physically talking she doesn’t looks like a Warrior.

    Xena – Eliza Dushku. Pros: Very Good actress, Beautiful, Athletic Body. Cons: She is not tall (1.65 m)
    Xena – Gina Carano. Pros: Beautiful, Athletic Body, 1.73m height (Lucy Lawless is 1.77m height), she began to act in 2009 and she is very talented. Physically talking she really looks like a Warrior Princess must looks like. Gina has all the necessary to be Xena. Cons: Not cons.

    Gabrielle : Anna Sophia Robb, she is a Great actress, natural blonde, Beautiful. I really love the sweetness in her eyes. She would be the perfect Gabrielle.

    Ares : Jason Momoa would be incredible in this character.

    Autolycus : No idea

    Joxer : No Idea

  4. Simon Cardoso says:

    The first season should focus on Xena’s origin. Xena’s rise to becoming the Conquerer of Nations. It should showcase her relationship with her brothers/mother and her leaving her village, etc. Also Xena destroying the Amazons and her encounter with Alti and Ares would play a part too. and Xena’s destruction of Calisto’s village. So it should be a young Xena. I think Lucy Lawless would be amazing as Alti. The season would end with Hercules destroying her army. The first season should even be called “Xena: The Conquerer of Nations” and the 2nd season “Xena: The Warrior Princess”, every season should have its own title (Like Spartacus) so, there shouldn’t be any Gabrielle, or Joxer, or Calisto, they should only come in at the 2nd season. and her Chakram should be introduced only mid season.. its origin should also be there and her first time using it.

    and I think Caesar maybe shouldn’t even be in it at all.. only because in History, he only comes later.. they should keep Xena in the Bronze Age, unless she time travels.. what’s the point of rebooting if its going to be exactly the same? maybe this one should be darker, more gore, more realism and not cheap. I hope NBC spends good money on it.. I think Xena should have went to Starz.. but lets hope NBC keeps it at a quality level..

    at least, that’s my 50 cents on the subject 🙂

  5. Andreia says:

    Wth are these people sayin? ONLY LUCY LAWLESS is XENA!

  6. Joshua Gomez says:

    Michael Cera as Joxer!!!

  7. Christan says:

    DJ Qualls as Joxer. LOL

  8. John Morgan says:

    If I were to cast someone as Ares, it’d probably be between Stephen Amell and Kellan Lutz, or Jason Mamoa, but Amell is already doing Arrow…