Xena Should Rise From The Ash

Kate Blake Kate Blake

January 7th, 2016

Xena Should Rise From The Ash
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Xena Warrior Princess has fans that are so dedicated they have fought for decades to see it revived. Our Kate Blake lays out her her fantasy for a Xena Warrior Princess reboot using elements from STARS new TV series Ash vs Evil Dead.

I have recently been hit with two pieces of information that have made my Xenite/Ashite heart explode with gooey, gooey, joy:

1. Xena Warrior Princess is going to be rebooted.


2. Ash vs. Evil Dead has now been released as a new TV series. (Expect a very positive review soon)

Like most Xenites, I have wished for a Xena reboot since it ended and have mentally fan fic-ed plenty of new beginnings. In fact, I have wished (forgive me Xenaverse for admitting it) for a reboot and retcon since the end of season 5.

I thought the season 4 ending was perfect and I never got on much with most of season 5 or 6. So now its time to stop cutting out those ticket stubs and start setting the creators an impossibly high bar to crash through; like the legends we all know they are!

I now have a fantasy for how I would like Xena Warrior Princess to be rebooted - through Ash vs Evil Dead.  Allow me to start by justifying my choice with some of the connection between the franchises and how they have already interacted.

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  1. We LOVE this idea! Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor simply MUST reprise their roles as Xena and Gabrielle! BRING THEM BACK!

  2. Jimmy Humphries says:

    YES! I love the idea! Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor reprising their roles as Xena and Gabrielle on Ash VS Evil Dead would be AMAZING!!! <3

  3. Meredith Torre says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea 😉 I am in!

  4. Agent 86 says:

    I like your enthusiasm, but I’m not a fan of Ruby being a modern day reincarnation of Xena. And based on the events in Ash vs. Evil Dead, I’m not even sure how that would be possible given that Ruby is a Dark One (or at the very least possessed by a Dark One). Nor am I a fan of watching modern day “uber” adventures of Xena and Gabrielle.

    I’m also not sure about some of the purported events from the TV series mentioned in this article. It’s stated that in season 6, “Gabrielle and Xena drive off into the sunset together as a couple with a baby on the way”. I’m not sure whether this is referring to Send in the Clones or Soul Possession, but in neither episode were any of the characters pregnant.

    As for the finale being retconned out of existence, while I don’t oppose the idea, I’m not sure how the “Friend in Need” scrolls could have been “produced by Callisto to redeem herself in the eyes of history, after she lost her only purpose for continued existence by successfully crucifying Xena”. At the time of Xena’s final and permanent (?) death, Callisto was dead, redeemed as an angel and then reborn as Xena’s daughter Eve.
    As for the reboot, I want to see Lucy and Renee reprise their original roles as Xena and Gabrielle to have one last great adventure over the course of the opening two to four episodes. As part of their story, they can find and train a new, protégé “Warrior Princess” who could headline the reboot on an ongoing basis (with possible, future special guest appearances by Lucy and Renee). Or they could do what Star Trek did and introduce some alternate reality with younger versions of Xena and Gabrielle who cross-over with the original Xena and Gabrielle. Xena’s death in the finale can be hand-waived away with a line about the rumours of Xena’s death being exaggerated. And I do agree that Xena and Gabrielle should be openly portrayed as partners in every sense. Sure, both characters were more than likely bisexual, but by the end of the series they were fully committed to one another.

  5. Kate Blake Kate Blake says:

    I confess I have not quite made it to the mid season finally of Ash vs the Evil Dead, I am only up to episode 6. I wanted to rewatch the films before the Back to the Cabin episode. However I would say in the comic books there is a Deadite who impersonates Xena, so it would still possibly work.

    The sunset episode I am referring to is: Soul Possession. I think it maybe something I interpreted from one of the scenes at the beginning led me to believe Gabrielle and Harry where having a baby. I’ll double check and if the evidence seems less solid I’ll remove the pregnancy remark, thank you for drawing my attention to it, so easy to misinterpret the subtext, especially when you have a desire for a certain meaning.

    Also I meant to make it clear that I intended the fake scrolls to begin from the execution which would mean that Xena becoming pregnant and Callisto being reborn as her child would no longer be true, it would be a story Callisto had made up because she wanted it to be true or something along those lines. I apologise if I was not clear, because you are quite right, you can not plant fake scrolls when your soul is busy being bound to a baby.

    I can respect your position on how you would like it to be rebooted, I hope I have not offended you, I agree that there are many different options for the reboot, all of which could open up whole new worlds of exciting possibilities. I think I learn towards the reincarnation route rather then the alternate reality route because I can really imagine anyone else in the roles of Xena and Gabrielle in the life time they had.

    Thank you for commenting and sharing your perspective, its always nice to discuss things with a fellow fan. Have a good day.

  6. Kate Blake Kate Blake says:

    You have no idea how happy it makes me to be noticed and liked by you guys, I have been a Facebook fan of yours for years. I sent in movie tickets and everything. Thank you.

  7. Kate Blake Kate Blake says:

    I have decided to edit the pregnancy and riding off into the sunset remarks. I will endeavour to ensure I have more solid evidence for my claims in future.
    Thank you for helping me to improve my writing.