Ranking The 10 Worst Superhero Games – Part 2

Dan Attlee

August 11th, 2016

Ranking The 10 Worst Superhero Games – Part 2
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Superhero games like Batman: Arkham Asylum have the ability to penetrate popular culture and become iconic. However, more often than not they tend to disappoint. We've already covered rankings 10 through 6 in the category for worst superhero video games. Join us as ComiConverse Contributor Dan Attlee takes us through the best (well, worst) of the bunch!

Ranking The 10 Worst Superhero Games - Part 2:

No. 5: The Uncanny X-Men (NES, LJN, 1989)

The NES has a large back catalogue and features some great titles. Super Mario, Contra, Zelda. The Uncanny X-Men? No chance. For those who were duped into buying this steaming turd because it bore the X-Men logo, I pity you. You should have seen the LJN logo (the company who only makes terrible games) and ran out of the game store. The game is a top-down...something?


It works best as a shooter, but you can also play as Wolverine and Colossus, which is essentially pointless. It's also rather buggy, and the collision detection is so bad that objects will pass right through walls. Unless Nightcrawler has learned how to morph into wooden crates, that shouldn't happen. Even co-oping with a mate isn't worth it because then you'll have two sad people instead of one.

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