Ranking The Worst Superhero Games Ever – Part 1

Dan Attlee Dan Attlee
August 10th, 2016

Ranking The Worst Superhero Games Ever – Part 1
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Superhero games have been some of the most popular items have ever graced the racks of gaming stores. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed and others all helped us take our inner hero out for a test drive. Here, however, our Dan Attlee looks at what happens when superhero games take tragic wrong turns and become laughing stocks amongst fans.

Ranking The Worst Superhero Games Ever:

Even the best of us have bad days, and superheroes are no exception. Some of the worst video games ever made centre around our favourite crime fighters. Here are the top ten worst superhero games ever made.

No. 10: Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, EA, 2005

For everyone Marvel vs. Capcom, for every Injustice, there's a Marvel Nemesis. This game should have been top-drawer, as its script was penned by comic writer Mark Millar and its character design by artist Jae Lee. EA's top studio in Canada, behind the SSX and Need for Speed games, developed it. In order to have the most fun in Versus mode, you can only unlock all the characters by trudging through the game's story. While this works in Soul Caliber, where the other game modes are fun whilst enhancing the main one, here it's a chore. Battling bland no-name enemies with rubbish AI soon becomes boring. The move-sets of characters are pathetically limited too when compared to just about every other fighting game. While the story is good, unraveling it is too tedious.Rise of the Imperfects should have been so much more than what we got.

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