SDCC 2016: A Look At The Announcements

Darryll Robson Darryll Robson
July 26th, 2016

Lifetime reader of comics and fan of Planet of the Apes. When the two combine I can barely contain myself. Image, Boom and Titan comics fight for shelf space with Doctor Who DVDs.

SDCC 2016: A Look At The Announcements
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Our Darryll Robson weighs in on the news that broke during the 2016 edition of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and about his fan reaction in its aftermath.

Breaking Down SDCC 2016:


I haven’t been to the SDCC but would love to go. However, until that time I religiously follow the announcements on various web sites and twitter feeds and Facebook updates.

Basically wherever I can.

Each year there are a wave of announcements that pique my interest, more so than others. Here's a selection from this year’s convention that have made me go ‘ooooooooh’!

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