SDCC 2016: A Look At The Announcements

Darryll Robson Darryll Robson
July 26th, 2016

Lifetime reader of comics and fan of Planet of the Apes. When the two combine I can barely contain myself. Image, Boom and Titan comics fight for shelf space with Doctor Who DVDs.

SDCC 2016: A Look At The Announcements
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No. 1: American Gods

The first footage of the Starz’s adaption of Neil Gaiman’s novel was shown to a large excited crowd early on in the convention. The trailer soon hit various web sites, much to the delight of fans world-wide. The best thing about the footage is that it proves to the fans that the project is in the right hands. Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane seem perfect for their roles as Shadow and Mr Wednesday respectively.

The tone and ambience of the trailer reflects the melancholy of the novel which is loved by so many. This kind of project can go very wrong, very easily (Under The Dome – cough cough), but if the trailer is anything to go by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have done a wonderful job bringing the tale of modern gods to the small screen.

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