Review: We Are Robin #2

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
August 3rd, 2015

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Review: We Are Robin #2

DC’s We are Robin #2 is here and we have all the angles covered for you here at ComiConverse!

Although the “DC You” campaign has released some very interesting new series, such as Doomed #1/#2 and Dr. Fate #1/#2, We are Robin remains to be one of their most interesting comic series to date. The use of social media and the coming together of this group of teens, who believe they are the ones needed to step in and protect their city. The element of mystery is also interesting with the teens not knowing who exactly “The Nest” is that is running their group.

(Spoiler Alert)



We are Robin #2 is the continuation of the very entertaining first issues of DC Comics new “DC You” campaign. The issue continues from where the first issue leaves off, in the sewer with our main character Duke being “saved” by “Team Robin”.  We see “Team Robin” taking on the homeless army in the sewer trading comments here and there. When suddenly one of the members of the team gets hit in the head by a brick, which leads to Duke getting slammed to the ground by one of the homeless effectively disorienting him. One of the teammates “Riko” pulls a flare out and keeps the homeless back as the team escapes, dragging Duke along with them.

The group receives a text from “The Nest” to leave Duke and escape before the cops catch them. We see a cop walking up to Duke, who is effectively unconscious. Duke wakes up to an old man sitting across from him that looks like a cop interrogating him. The cop talks about the bombs the homeless army placed around the city. He offers Duke a deal, if he helps stop the bombs, the old man will help him find his parents. Duke declines and the cop then leaves.

Duke goes for the door to find it's open and that he wasn't in a police station at all. He finds a motorcycle with a phone on it that had a text from “The Nest” telling Duke where to meet the others. Meanwhile on the roof the rest of “Team Robin” are arguing if they should trust “The Nest” or not and if Duke was even going to show up.

Eventually Duke does show up telling the others about his weird encounter with the old man. Each member of the team says they had met the same old man in different scenarios. Duke explains how he heard the leader of the underground army talking about placing bombs around the city. They then get a text alerting them that one of the bombs are across the street.

“Team Robin” bursts into action trying to locate the bomb's location. They eventually find it in the subway system. We finally cut to an epilogue where we see the “leader” of the underground army telling his “troops” to eat. He then walks away and reports to a dark figure that the leader calls “My Lord”.


This new issue follows up the previous episode nicely. We get to see the  continued development of “Team Robin” and how they act with one another. We also get to see how Duke enters the team. We see how the team doesn't truly know who “The Nest” truly is and their indecision over whether or not they can trust him.

The story telling by Lee Bermejo in this issue was amazing with some lagging in here and there but overall hold the attention of the reader and begins to show them what secret lie in the future. It was also a nice touch how Bermejo had Duke narrating the whole issue by writing a letter to his parents telling them how he’s joining “Team Robin” to become a vigilante. The art by Jorge Corona is very good and fits the story very well.

All in all this issue trumps that of the first issue, which I did not think was even possible.

My Verdict:

The new issue in this series really begin to develop the characters within “Team Robin” including Duke, which is a major positive that fans can get behind. The story telling by Lee Bermejo continues to be fantastic as well as the art by Jorge Corona. This issue is a must buy and should definitely be apart of any fans pull list!

My Rating: 9.5/10


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