Review: Doomed #2

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
July 25th, 2015

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Review: Doomed #2

DC’s Doomed #2 is here and we have all the angles covered for you here at ComiConverse!

“DC YOU” campaign continues to pump out their titles including their new series. Doomed the story of a student in Metropolis who accidentally contaminates himself with the “Doomsday virus”. This series takes an interesting look at a character that was a bright and up-and-coming science student, who turns from an ordinary kid into a type of “Doomsday” creature - when his blood pressure rises post-exposure. Interestingly enough, he is unable to control his powers as of now and cannot speak. Instead, he just growls and roars when he is trying to speak. This results in him not being able to tell people he’s trying to help them and they end up mistaking him for the enemy.

(Spoiler Alert)



Doomed #2 continues this interesting story of a young man who wants to be a hero, but is mistaken for a villain. Doomed #1 gave us a great look at the life of Reiser, the young hero/villain, who soon turns into this variant of “Doomsday”. In the second issue, we get a look at a young boy in a gym class. The young boy is talking about “humanity” and how it can be cruel and especially how “Earth kids can be the most cruel.”

This is happening while the kids and gym teacher are picking teams for dodgeball. They obviously choose “Miles” last, then the kids and coach begin to make fun of him. Right before the dodgeball game begins, Miles' watch begins to go off and he walks over to the coach saying “We’re done here."

He then proceeds to explain that the coach is an alien who is wanted dead or alive for “one million barrings." He proceeds to blow the teacher up with a ray gun and simply walks out of the classroom; which is now filled with alien guts. We then cut to Reiser who is still currently in his “monster” form trying to climb out of the sewers he was in during the last issue. As he climbs out of the manhole, he tries to recap his past day going over where he’s been and who he spoke to. He seemingly forgets how he took off his protective mask in the chamber at S.T.A.R. labs. As he is trying to remember, he hears brakes and honking behind him. Then, suddenly, a bus rams into his back, and he responds “That stung, was that bee?

Reiser panics and rushes to the aid of the driver. He pulls her out of the wreck and proceeds to kick the bus, which just had caught fire, into the air like it was a kickball. As he is checking on the driver, the bus explodes in mid air. When she awakes, she begins screaming after seeing the creature before her. The cops show up and begin yelling at Resier to get away from the woman. Resier tries to explain himself but only ends up growling some more and when he lifts his hands in the air, his new body seemingly releases some sort of blast as a “defensive instinct”.

This new power allows riser to escape seeing as it was so bright that the cops could not see. Clarice (the girl Resier was with before he first changed), however, was watching from a nearby fire escape. Resier luckily gets away and hides trying to figure out what’s going on. He passes out and begins to turn back from being this monster. Later that morning, he stumbles into his apartment where his roommate, Roman, is on the phone with what seems like his boss. When Resier enters the room, Roman jumps up because Resier seems like he was mugged the night before. Roman quickly gets him to the couch and begins to take care of his friend. Reiser contemplates telling Roman what really happened last night, but never gets the chance. We then get shown Lex Plaza, where the two cops earlier were checking out the subway that Resier was in earlier. As they were checking the subway, Miles comes out of one of the subway cars and begins to act innocent to the cops. Meanwhile, he is talking about how he can “smell his bounty," which we can presume he is speaking about Resier.


This issue was a very good second issue from writer Scott Lobdell and artist Javier Fernandez. This issue was beautifully written especially when it comes to introducing the main antagonist of the series. We also get a look at Resier’s different powers when he is “Doomsday” and how strong he really is. This is made especially clear when he gets hit by the bus and thought it was a bee sting. Javier Fernandez’s art is still wonderful in this issue.

My Verdict:

This new series is really coming to its own as it explains more about Resier and the powers he has. It also does a great job of showing side characters like Roman, who is slowly looking like he has a secret of his own, as well as Clarice. who seems like she knows what is going on.

In the end, I would say that this issue is a definite buy. Its very interesting to watch a brand new series unfold in front of you and you are truly open to think about what could possibly happen in the future for Reiser and the people around him.


My Rating: 8/10


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