DC Comics: “DC You” Changes

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
June 8th, 2015

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DC Comics: “DC You” Changes

DC You is here and changes are in the air. We have all it covered for you here on ComiConverse.

Over the past few months, DC Comics fans have been seeing and reading about changes that are occurring to the DC Universe including Superman. Recently DC Comics announced their “DC You” campaign to signify their release of their new titles and the continuation of their main titles; such as Action Comics, Justice League, Detective Comics, Superman, Batman, etc.

DC was quoted in saying that they promise to have “a story for every kind of DC Comics fan" and that they will have a  "diverse range of styles and genres,". The purpose of all of this is to bring in new readers while keeping current fans entertained. This was done by bringing big changes to iconic characters and the DC Universe. This campaign began after the Convergence event on June 3rd. One of the glimpses given to fans were the big changes to two of the most iconic characters in the company's history.

In the “Divergence” comic given out on “Free Comic Book Day”, a preview was given of what is to come with Superman. What fans saw was a Superman that had weakened of his powers and his strength was no where near the past god-like Superman. He also began to become human. For example, Superman for the first time in his life needed to eat. We saw in the comic that he is eating along with Jimmy Olsen at a shop. One of the biggest things to come out of this preview was the fact that Superman’s secret identity as Clark Kent was outed by the one person he believed he could trust...none other than Lois Lane!

Yes, Lois Lane is the one to let Superman’s secret out of the bag.

Just like the Superman preview within the Free Comic Book Day's “Divergence”, Batman was also shown to be having some major changes. One of which was the fact that Batman (Bruce Wayne) in “Batman: Endgame” had been "killed" along with the Joker. In the preview issue, it is shown that a weird blue robot standing with its back to the readers. It turns out that after the death of Bruce, Gotham needed a new person to step up as the new Batman. This turns out to be the former Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon.  The fact that Bruce is dead and Jim Gordon will be taking up the mantle of Batman will make this story arch very interesting; in seeing Jim Gordon trying to be something he is not. It will also be interesting to see how new Batman interacts with new Superman.

Divergence: Darkseidwar scene

One of the most anticipated previews was that of the "Darkseid War" which is playing out in the Justice League series. This preview shows a scene where an amazonian oracle is predicting the future after the birth of what we soon find out is Darkseid's daughter. In the scene the oracle states that "I see a war between The Dark God and the AntiGod!", she is referring to the image above that shows Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor fighting. Throughout the scene she begins to predict what will happen to the Justice League in this war as well as a quick showing of Mr. Miracle "The man who always escapes". Finally at the end of the second page we see Darkseid's daughter and we see a scene where the oracle says to Myrina that "if your baby lives, Myrina, this world will die!" The last image is of Myrina on earth stating that she will kill anyone to protect her daughter. This preview all but confirmed this is going to be an amazing event .

These changes will certainly bring the attention of major fans, but one thing people should not overlook is the addition of 24 brand new titles. These titles include (in order of below): Midnighter, Bat-mite, Cyborg, Doomed, and many more! With each new title is a possible new story that old fans and new fans can enjoy together. Time will only tell if these new titles stick around for many years or fizzle out.

DC Comics really showed the change up they were planning for Superman when they released Action Comics #41 on June 3rd. You start off seeing Superman feeling cold for the first time in a long time and missing his flying ability. This is the first time in a long time that Superman began to feel...human. He was no longer this god of a character, he was more human than ever before. Throughout the episode you get the glimpse inside Superman's mind to how he dealing with this sudden change that even he is struggling to understand.  The main questions that will follow this issue in the coming months as the story begins to develop are, What happened to his powers? Why does almost everyone hate him? Will he figure out how to get his powers back? All of these questions and more will be answered as the months go on. There is one thing that can be certain, this will be interesting!


Ryan Mayer is a Writer for ComiConverse. He can be followed on Twitter: @RMayer94

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