Review: Doomed #1

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
June 22nd, 2015

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Review: Doomed #1

DC's Doomed is here and we have all the angles covered for you here at ComiConverse!

The “DC You” campaign is in full swing with their 24 brand new titles. This includes the brand new series, Doomed, which began on June 17th. This story brings us a new hero in the confines of Metropolis along with a brand new hero. This new series is written by Scott Lobdell who is known for his other DC Comics series that released in 2011 called Red Hood and the Outlaws. It is also illustrated by Javier Fernandez, who has done the illustrations for books like Batman Eternal #45. 

(Spoiler Alert)


Doomed #1 is essentially an origin story for a new character. Issue #1 follows Reiser, a bright scientific prodigy who had just landed himself in an internship in S.T.A.R. Labs. The first thing readers get to see is the moments right after Reiser turns into “Doom”.  He awakes in an abandoned subway station. There, he first lays eyes on what he has become and freaks out.


In this issue you see more of Reiser's life and what led him to become “Doom”, rather than an arc focusing on “Doom” himself.  They start by showing Reiser racing through the turnstiles of the subway off to what he calls “The most important day of my life!”

I really enjoyed the way Lobdell characterized Resier from the get go, especially once he arrives to S.T.A.R labs. Lobdell shows how Reiser is a true fan of science and how thrilled he is to have a chance to be at S.T.A.R labs as an intern.  Reiser and another intern named Jayne are the last two to receive their assignments from a very rude professor, who is conducting their orientation. He gives them their tasks, which turn out to be late-night cleaning duty. This has Jayne fuming, but also gives Lobdell the chance to show us more of Reiser, who seems to be very optimistic about this; seeing as they won't be supervised as they go about their assignment. He sees this as a sign of trust from the professor and takes it as a compliment, while Jayne doesn't so much.

As the issue continues, Lobdell really shines when showing us hints of Reisers life. This included showing us where he lives and his roommates. The first roommate we meet is Resier's best friend Roman (who we find out in the sneak peek is actually a new superhero) and we slowly find out that he and Roman have to find another roommate to fit in their small apartment to make rent. After Reiser leaves the apartment, he stops by his aunt's, who he helps by regularly buying groceries for her.  He even goes toe to toe with his first arch-enemy; his aunt's nightmare pet that seems to have it out for Reiser.

Finally, towards the end of the issue we get to see Reiser back at S.T.A.R. labs in a hazmat suit, cleaning off some green gunk in the room while Jayne sits in the control room watching over Reiser and, of course, complaining. While Jayne steps away, Reiser begins to feel hotter in the suit to the point where he takes off the mask for a few seconds before realizing what he had done. He quickly puts it back on and acts like nothing has happened. After finishing up, he stumbles onto one of the new potential roommates, Clarice, who he seems to have an obvious affinity for.  They end up back at her “place” also known as the place she is squatting at. Everything is fine until she asks him to join her in the shower. He tries to keep his cool, but to no avail.  He changes and burns right through the bed and floor leaving a person shaped hole in the ground.

This leads us back to the events in the beginning of the issue.


I enjoyed this issue very much and I’m excited to get the next installment when it comes out. The characterization of Reiser, along with the introduction of his close family and friends, including his love interest seemed flawless. One of my favourite things Lobdell did in this issue was show that Reiser was still a kid at heart - all excited for his new internship but grown up enough to take care of his aunt.

I also enjoyed how Lobdell seamlessly moved in between serious and funny moments within this issue. Fernandez’s art was nice. Nothing that made me say “WOW”, but again this is only the first issue in the series and there will most likely be more chances for him to shine, especially when the action kicks up.

All in all this issue was a great starting point for a never-been-told story and certainly makes you relate to the characters and how they go about their everyday lives. Lobdell really seems to be enjoying himself and the story, which will probably make for some amazing issues down the line.

My Verdict:

Go out and buy this issue. Its an origin story, but it is definitely a fun one and could be the start to a future household name down the line.

My Rating: 8/10


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