Is Netflix The Perfect Place For Black Widow?

Cat Crawford Cat Crawford
September 13th, 2016

 Black Widow getting her own film or series has been a topic bantered about by fans, ever since Scarlett Johansson made the character world famous in the first of her movie appearances for Marvel. Here, our own Cat Crawford continues the debate by looking at whether or not Black Widow might find a home on Netflix.

Is Netflix The Perfect Place For Black Widow?

Black Widow Captain America Civil War

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Ever since Kevin Feige made a momentary suggestion of a Black Widow solo movie back in 2010, MCU and Marvel fans everywhere have been waiting with bated breath for an official announcement. Even to this day we haven’t had a 100% definitive ‘Yes, there will be a Black Widow solo movie and it is coming out in…’ kind of answer.

Earlier this year, Feige announced that he was still looking to get a Black Widow movie made featuring Scarlett Johansson stating, "We’ve announced the next nine movies, ten counting Captain America: Civil War, through the end of 2019. Where we go beyond that are ongoing discussions that we’ll focus on in the next few years because we have a lot to do before then." This means we are looking at a good 4-5 years before we see a dedicated movie to Natalia Romanova’s amazing backstory.

Of course there are other avenues that could be taken when it comes to giving Black Widow the screen time she deserves. Netflix are killing it at the moment, with Daredevil looking to air a 3rd season, Jessica Jones being an amazing success and proving people DO want to watch a show about a strong and complex female character. Not to mention the newly announced ‘The Defenders’, which looks set to bring the biggest of Netflix’s Marvel superheroes together in an Avengers style mashup.

Black Widow’s backstory is a little more dark and gritty than her Avengers co-superheroes, her early life and time in the USSR would fit in perfectly with the more complex characters and darker tone of the Netflix Marvel Universe. So how exactly could Netflix do some justice for Natasha Romanoff?

Introducing The Black Widow Op & The Red Room

We got a tiny taste of The Red Room in Age of Ultron, but it’s only ever touched upon for a few seconds before swiftly moving on. The whole concept of The Red Room and The Black Widow program in itself is worth some care and attention. Even if Netflix don’t want to focus solely on Natasha, the idea of training up a large group of orphaned girls and turning them into super spies, seems like a pretty interesting idea for a series.

It Could Shed Some Light On Black Widow’s Early Life

We know that Black Widow was born in Russia and later recruited and raised in the USSR’s Black Widow program, but what about her parents? Her extended family?

Where did she start out and how did she end up in the hands of the Soviets?

All of these questions and their answers could explain a lot about the character and help support the decisions she makes and relationships she has in the MCU.

It Could Further Explain Her Age of Ultron Vision and Fears

If you only know Black Widow from the MCU, you may not know about her time in The Red Room and how severely the soviets brainwashed her. Originally, Natasha was implanted with false memories to make sure she stayed loyal to the soviets, one of the main memories she had, was that she was a ballerina. This is briefly shown in AOU, but never really explained or touched upon again.

Explain Her Relationship With Hawkeye In Greater Detail

We know, pretty much from the beginning of The Avengers, that Hawkeye and Black Widow have a strong connection. The compromising of Clint by Loki at the beginning of the film turns out to be the hook for getting Natasha back to base and joining The Avengers Initiative. Before this, she seems to be fairly closed off to most of her other colleagues and it would be interesting to see just how that concrete, yet seemingly platonic relationship developed.  

There are so many other little tidbits about Natasha from the comics that could be easily integrated into the MCU or a Netflix’s series, such as her being biotechnological enhancement. But in truth, no matter if her story is explored on the big or small screen, her character more than deserves a more in depth look and the fans continue to scream for more Black Widow.


Would you prefer a Black Widow solo movie or a Netflix series?

Which one do you think could do her character justice?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments sections below.


Cat Crawford is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow her on Twitter: @geeknerdrepeat

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