7 Video Games That Became Cool Comics

Crystal Kendrick Crystal Kendrick
August 18th, 2016

7 Video Games That Became Cool Comics
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Video games and comics are two things that everyone should enjoy. When a truly great comic-themed game comes to the market - I'm looking at your Batman: Arkham Asylum - fans usually shop the shelves dry. Here, ComiConverse's own Chrystal Kendrick has composed a list comic-themed video games that are sure to bring back fantastic memories.


No. 1: Silent Hill

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Credit: IDW Publishing

Silent Hill has been a fan favourite amongst survival horror fans for over a decade due to it’s atmospheric horror and story driven gameplay. After years of attempts to put out a comic, Konami teamed up with IDW Publishing and released the first series in 2004. The comic currently has seven series. Each series has a varying amount of issues.

With the last series, Anne’s Story, being published in 2008 it is unlikely that anymore will come but one can hope.

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