The Walking Dead Returns: Walker Withdrawal Part 2

Karen Roguski Karen Roguski
February 10th, 2016

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The Walking Dead Returns: Walker Withdrawal Part 2

The first part of our season six recap of The Walking Dead brought us a temporary cure for Walker Withdrawal. It also gave us our pre-fix for blood, guts, and the return of the herds.

(Spoiler Alert)

We began reminiscing about what we had seen and contemplating what was yet to come.

Part two allows us to see how many of our predictions came true, which of our favourite characters are split into which groups, along with who lives and who has died.

Without further ado, let the highlights continue.

Episodes Four Through Six:

This section is the hardest to recap, in my opinion, as this is when the show gets serious. Rick, Glenn, and Michone did all they could to lead the injured group just ahead of the hungry walker. Rick splits off to go grab the RV. Then, Glenn and Nicholas get separated from the others. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were in the process of leading the walkers away. It is hinted that this all goes on at the same time Carl, Morgan and Carol are in the town of Alexandria, as we learned in the part-one recap.

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead

Dunce Award:

Nicholas, who had been saved by Glenn, tries to prove to Glenn he is an alright guy after all; however, once they became trapped on the dumpster, even he gave up on that idea. The Walking Dead dunce award goes to Nicholas, when he elected to take the coward's way out and shoot himself. This act caused both Glenn and himself to fall off the lifesaving dumpster, where they had become surrounded by hungry walkers.

RV Rag Tag:

About that hand we saw wrapped in the ragtag RV.

Did Rick get an injury or had he been bitten?

A lucky glimpse allowed Rick to shoot the Wolves that had quietly snuck up on the RV. Ironically, those just happened to be the Wolves Morgan had allowed to escape Alexandria. However, Rick proves his lack of  forethought by shooting up the RV to the point it no longer started. The gunshots drew a herd that surrounded him, leaving us to believe he had no hope of escape.

OMG Moments:

Unfortunately, only Michone, Heath, and Scott make it back to Alexandria, mere minutes ahead of the herd. We are left wondering about Rick.

Had he been bitten?

Did the RV herd have dinner?

Whose innards are the walkers eating?

Please don’t let it be Glenn, especially as season two was the last time we had lost a member of the start-up cast.

Black, White and Baa:

Morgan, while in his personal recap moment, told his tale to an unknown member of Alexandria. Starting out, we find Morgan all alone in this new “wasteland” which is Rick’s prior hometown. The same town in which he lost his wife and child. We learned a lot more about Morgan and why is his all over the place with his moods and reactions.

Morgan was drawn to a cabin in the woods, in a way that reminds me of the witch's candy cabin from the nursery rhyme Hanzal and Gretel. We then had the chance to meet Eastman, at least for a brief time. The first glance makes us think he too is mad, as he has Morgan locked in a cell.

We were reminded that freezing still is never a good idea since the onset of the walker infestation. Eastman, by breaking his no violence vow, ends up saving Morgan, getting himself bitten and allowing the end of all ends for that poor goat.

The death of the goat, in my opinion, was also the death of a calm and level headed Morgan. We are then forced to sit through a “super long” amount of time, on the edge of seats, waiting to learn of what had become of Rick and Glenn.

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead

The Calm Before the Storm:

If the people of Alexandria thought the Wolves were a tough lot with which to deal, they received an unwanted surprise with episodes five and six. Morale is at an all-time low, just barely ahead of the herd.

Aaron decides to help Maggie look for Glenn. Unfortunately, just as they were about to make the tunnel for their escape, they find that the walkers had beaten them there. Despair sinks into Maggie with a forceful vengeance, so much so that she admits to Aaron the fact that she is pregnant. Maggie’s discontent makes so much sense once she reveals her condition; especially as her husband has been missing.

What we are missing is most of the cast at his point in the show. No Carol, Sasha, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn and only a slight glimpse of Michone.

Denise and Tara kiss.  Jessie and Rick kiss. Its all happening!

Conflict and discontent were apparent between so many characters. Deanna and Spencer argued. Jessie goes a little nuts when evil made it through her door when she had a blood bath in the kitchen with her scissors.

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead

Poor Daryl.

First he gets separated from Sasha and Abraham, he is hurt, recovers, gets captured, get loose, steals the bag getting his crossbow back and escapes.

Sasha and Abraham, 0n the other hand had a great time learning more of each other and making a strong bond, Abraham even got his flirt on.

Poor, good-hearted Daryl, decides to go back and help his captors. He helps them hide from the armed rogue group in the trees and even tries to convince them to join him and his friends. They rob him of his crossbow and motorcycle as their final thanks for saving their lives.

This is what gives us trust issues.

Daryl, still quick-witted and tough, is able to find another vehicle, find Sasha and Abraham and attempts to radio Rick all while returning to Alexandria.

My unanswered question is whose voice do we hear on the radio saying “help”?

The Talking Dead

Hardwick, on The Talking Dead's third recap show, brought us Yvette Nicole Brown and Damon Lindelof to visit. Offering discussion of being left behind, second chances and predictions as to whom they thought would be the final four remaining actors, as well as the pondering how they hadn’t been able to hear the approaching herd as it neared the tower and wall.

Episode four included Josh Gad, Lennie James and John Carroll Lynch discussed Tabitha the goat, Morgan’s aggressiveness being similar to a tornado and how the loss of the goat might be his snapping point.

The best question of the night had to be when Josh was asked if he had cried over Glenn.

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead

Episode five’s guests included Alexandria Breckenridge (Jessie), of course, Chris Hardwick and Zachary Levi. Hearing Jessie’s recap of chest stabbing scene was the ultimate glimpse into how an actor thinks, processes and carries out the roles they often have written for their characters. In this case, it was channeling the rage to allow us to feel the action with the utmost emotion.

Chris has this episode six’s talks with Michael Rooker (Merle), Paget Brewster and the infamous Doug Benson. We learn a little into how Merle felt about his previous role, sex in such scary times, and how much a buzz kill Doug considered Father Gabriel.

My favorite of all had to be when Paget described the Saviors from the woods as she would on Criminal Minds.

Watch For Part Three:

We are not yet done.

Part three of our season six recap is coming out soon; featuring Episode 7, the mid-season finale and so much more.


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