The Walking Dead Returns: Walker Withdrawal Part 1

Karen Roguski Karen Roguski
February 8th, 2016

I am just a small town girl from Kansas attempting to write her way into an alternate universe; too bad I'm not a comic or cartoon that can be morphed. Hope you enjoy my take on the world, one written piece at a time.

Our Karen Roguski loves The Walking Dead.  Along with millions of others, she is ready for its long-awaited return and she's prepared the following recap for you, to get you ready for the season 6 mid-season premiere.

(Potential Spoilers For Season 6 Of The Walking Dead Lie In Wait)

Walker Withdrawal is the newest plague sweeping America, infecting homes everywhere. The cause? The hiatus of The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead. Walker Withdrawal will find an antidote on February 14th, as long as you tune into AMC for the highly anticipated return of both The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead.

The countdown clock clicks down the seconds, anxiety is on the rise, the days are being marked off the calendar one by one. Its more than many people can take.

Hopefully, the following recap of where we have been, a reminder of who has done what, and a flashback to the feelings we all felt will help slow the further spread of Walker Withdrawal.

One can only hope.

Let's do this!

Walker Withdrawal: Madison Square Garden

For many on the Easy Coast, their own Walking Dead Fever began two days prior to AMC airing episode one of both The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead, when more than 15,000 fans overtook Madison Square Garden. TWD’s Hall of Fame, and an advanced screening of The Walking Dead is what caused that particular heard to assemble.

Norman Reedus (Darryl Dixon) arrived onstage by driving his motorcycle, which host, Yvette Nicole Brown, asked questions of the actor panel. The night continued with cast members being shown as little ones. Hershel's into the hall of fame was interrupted quite rudely when he was cut off by a former evil Governor.

The cast offered a hilarious rendition of Family Face-Off, whose format was half Family Feud and half Family Game Night. The “game show” continued to bring eruptions of laughter around the stadium.

Madison Square Garden

Credit: AMC's The Walking Dead

My own Walker Withdrawal completely disappeared. What an amazingly awesome discovery

Episodes One and Two

In the first two episodes of season six, we see a big town meeting, with Rick taking over leadership of Alexandria and Father Gabriel becoming increasing distrustful.

We saw Tara recover from her coma, Sasha fighting PTSD, Deanna losing her marbles and Glen covering up for Nicholas.

Rick discovered the herd of walkers by the quarry and began forming a plan. He and part of the gang attempt to lead the walkers away from the town, but when the plan goes awry the group are forced into some quick thinking.

While the kids, Enid, Carl, Ron, and Mikey, allowed us brief glimpses as to who they are all becoming, we have Aaron to thank for the Wolves stopping by Alexandria; leaving chaos, hate, blood loss and death in their wake.

Jessie, Carl, Morgan and ninja Carol come to the rescue, while the remaining “strong” characters continue to have their hands full with the walker herd. Many of the Alexandria people surprise us by actually putting up a fight; however, Morgan was the one who finally convinced the Wolves that remained to take off.

The highlight (for me) was one of the saddest and most disturbing parts, with Enid eating Mr. Turtle. She looked scary and a whole lot creepier consuming him raw. Blood dripped down her face and covered her hands as we watched the turtle bones be used to spell out JSS.

What was the importance of JSS?

Ninja Carol

The Talking Dead

The Talking Dead returned in its normal discussion-based style, offering a mix of celebrity appearances, views and audience questions, recapping the show while continuing to offer us our infamous sneak peeks into the upcoming episodes. The guests for episode one were Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero and Ethan Embry (Carter). With the question of the night being “is Rick the new Shane and Morgan the new Rick?"

On second The Talking Dead, we had the honor to sit around and rehash with none other than Kevin Smith, Paul Bettany and Katelyn Nacon (Enid). We learned that one of Kevin Smith’s favorite episodes of all-time, in his entire life, was the one just watched; with the recent engagement of Chris Hardwick and Enid’s love for Carol’s cookies.

The Walking Dead
More To Come

That concludes part one, where we have been with The Waking Dead and The Talking Dead. I hope the memories thus far have helped to dull the pain, relieve the ache and push back your walker cravings.

Part two of our season 6 recap will be out soon, so be on the lookout.

The best is yet to come!


Karen Roguski is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow us on Twitter: @ComiConverse

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