Useless Fandom Feuds: The Twitter Wars

Seth Frederiksen Seth Frederiksen
July 21st, 2016

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Useless Fandom Feuds: The Twitter Wars

Fandom wars can be messy. Back at the start of 2016, our ComiConverse editorial section called for a return to civility between and amongst fandoms. Here, our Seth Frederiksen picks up on the same theme as he examines a growing problem in geekdom, called Twitter Wars.

Within the many realms of the geekdom there will be be some disagreements. As such, these disagreements will lead to definitive rivalries. Sadly, these rivalries soon border on, either the asinine, or the downright insane. Nothing is gained by these tiffs and usually these become an incredible waste of time and energy.

Admittedly, this blog post is probably feeding the beast than killing it, but at this point, this whole farce is becoming ridiculous.

For this post, and for future ones, I'll refer to these conflicts as "Useless Feuds".

Among the toxic examples of feuds are the constant spewings that are the Twitter Wars. This occurs when two or more celebrities say/post/link a tweet to another celebrity in a manner that will certainly insight a fierce rebuttal. Before the first twenty-four hours is up, the various social media sites will be ablaze in the fires of troll-bred hatred.

There are many celebrities who thrive on this mud slinging, far more than one can count in a lifetime. Furthermore, it seems to be that some rely on this method of notoriety simply to keep themselves in the public eye, rather than using skills and talents that brought them fame and fortune.

Recently  Taylor Swift and the Kardashian clan began a new Twitter War, regarding West's lyrics for the song "Famous". The details to this animosity are rather unimportant, as it appears Swift and the Kardashians look for any reason to vent on Twitter these days. In fact, it feels like this is their chosen vocation than their actual careers.

Clearly, the amount of support (often measure in retweets or replies) does nothing but encourage these celebrities and doesn't succeed in swaying an argument one way or the other. It merely adds fuel to a lunatic fringe waiting for the next engagement.

Let's be honest here, has any celebrity involved in these Twitter Wars ever really lost prestige, or found themselves in a position where they could not provide for themselves.

No, they are just fine. If anything their buzz and fame increase.

And yet when we engage in it, we still think each new Twitter War will change things in some profound way... until the next one.

When you examine a list of notable feuds between these people, none of them are remembered for that long. Yet, we spend an unhealthy amount of time worrying who is hating whom. Despite the fact none of this amounts to any feasible result in the world of fandom.

Our lives will forever be unchanged by the few minutes of row these people have, during their vain attempt at staying relevant.

Twitter Wars

Source: Nerdist

What makes these feuds absolutely frightening is how these situations overtake issues that actually effect our lives. Will Kanye's problem with Taylor Swift effect your ability to afford a decent living? How many know more details about these feuds than they do the American election?

Will a former reality star's lewd comment help change important issues we're avoiding like the plague? Not in the slightest.

Will Justin Beiber's latest example of immaturity help reassess the growth of an apathetic citizenry. Highly doubtful.

Yes, it's fun to see these people try to find problems in their lives,  so they can remind they public they have the same problems as the rest of us. But the sheer lengths these celebrities  go to keep the limelight on them is astounding, and a little disturbing.

My inner skeptic says there is little chance of this post ending Twitter Wars anytime soon, given the support for these celebrities and their feuds,  but maybe, just maybe, we might think twice before retweeting a bitter jab from one celebrity to another.

Only time will tell.


Seth Frederiksen is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @SenseiSeth

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