Teen Wolf: The Sun Is Setting On Beacon Hills

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August 3rd, 2016

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Teen Wolf made a big announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (SDCC). Our Elodie Cure is here to break down the news and what to expect from the Teen Wolf series moving forward.

It has been rumoured for a while now. In July the news was confirmed by the creator himself, Jeff Davis, at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Teen Wolf is coming to an end. The Beacon Hills gang will pull in their claws in for the last time after this upcoming season. A well-deserved retirement after the numerous dangers they have faced over the course of six years.

Teen Wolf: The Sun Is Setting On Beacon Hills

Who could think that we need, want or could tolerate another show about teenagers turning into mythical, blood-thirsty creatures. Yet, Teen Wolf has managed to create a dark universe that has seduced a large range of viewers for six seasons.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

But cheer up everyone, the final season will be aired in November and will end-up with the 100th episode of the Teen Wolf series.

During the San Diego Comic-Con the showrunner Jeff Davis gave us some clues about what’s going to happen to the young creatures we all love.

They’re on the verge of graduation and it’s a big thing for them. It’s especially a big thing for Scott who is worried about how he can leave Beacon Hills

Then, the official trailer was revealed.

The first thing we notice from this short video are the new super-villains, referred to as the Wild Hunt. Foreshadowed by Kira’s mum in Season 5, these bad guys possess peculiar powers; not only will they abduct their victims, they will also erase them from reality so that no one can remember them. A fate that Lydia qualifies “as something worse than death”.

Secondly, the character played by the Maze Runner star, Dylan O’Brien will play an important part in this last season, as the mystery will revolve around him. As the only human of the pack, Stiles will be in the Ghost Riders' sights.

It even seems that Scott’s best friend will realise it all before they strike. “I’m next” he says.

Teen Wolf

Credit: Teen Wolf

Third, Stiles and Lydia share a special bond. It's been obvious since the beginning that the two of them are somehow linked together. While Stiles will disappear from all his friend's memories, only the young girl will remember him. Wether it comes from the feelings she has for Stiles or from her banshee abilities, Lydia (Holland Roden) might be the only one to be able to save her friend.

Fourth, Stiles won’t be the only victim of the Ghost Riders, as Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) will also be forgotten too. Against all odds, this ordeal might draw these two ennemies closer. Still, the question that comes to mind is; how did Peter escape from Eichen House?

Fifth, the Ghost Riders won’t be the only ones to put pressure on our heroes. A Nazi werewolf and torture-lover will be a new threat for Scott's (Tyler Posey) pack. We don’t learn much about him, except that we can deduce from the pinned medals that he was a soldier of high rank in the past.

Sixth, Cody Christian will be back as Theo and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will obviously be the one to free him. The chimera might be indispensable to defeat the two new menaces that will set foot on Beacon Hills.

Still, will he cooperate or will he cause more trouble to the pack?

Last but not least, Stile’s real name will finally be divulged. Jeff Davis promised it.

Its a piece of news that will thrill all the fans that were on the look-out for the tiny hints that would reveal his moniker during the previous seasons.

Teen Wolf

Credit: Teen Wolf

Six seasons is a solid run for any show, and it will be with a heavy heart that the fans will watch these upcoming episodes of Teen Wolf. Hopefully, the last season will provide answers to all the questions that have been raised in the trailer and will end this long adventure in a high note.

We are even looking forward to the possible return of former beloved characters, such as Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) or Jackson Whitemore (Colton Haynes).

Bring on Season Six!

Teen Wolf, you will be missed.


Are you a big Teen Wolf fan?  Are you excited about Teen Wolf's sixth and final season?

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