NYCC: ‘Con’ned In New York City

Linda Marie Linda Marie
August 31st, 2016

Comic Cons stole my life!

NYCC: ‘Con’ned In New York City

NYCC (New York Comic Con) has few fans as big as our own Linda White. Here, Linda lays out her love for New York's Comic Con in her first opinion piece for ComiConverse.


NYCC New York Comic Con

Credit: New York Comic Con

I blame New York Comic Con for stealing my life. I was perfectly fine to sit back and enjoy watching my favorite superheroes use their powers to fight evil on the big screen. A great weekend to me meant treating myself to some quality binge watching. Game of Thrones, Daredevil, Arrow, Agents of Shield, to name a few, always worked to help unwind. I was never one to pass up a Lord of the Rings marathon either. I should live in Middle Earth. They were my personal escape into another world; a fantasy filled with action, excitement, intrigue and conflict topped-off with a bit of darkness.

No one was aware of my secret fandom obsessions. I quietly embraced my inner-geek goddess, afraid to release her into the world for fear of rejection. Yet, I truly desired to connect with those that shared my interests. I wanted to discuss my heartbreak over the Game of Thrones Red Wedding (I miss you Robb!), share the thrill of Matt Murdock as he turned into an ass-kicking vigilante, discuss and debate why one should be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

Where could these people be found?

I had heard about comic conventions but never thought they were a place where I would fit in. I viewed comic cons as only a place for nerdy guys, who I've always

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