NYCC 2016: My New York Comic Con-Quest

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October 20th, 2016

Comic Cons stole my life!

NYCC 2016: My New York Comic Con-Quest

New York Comic Con 2016 is done and in the books. Our Linda White was there to keep you up to date on all of the action and brings you this ComiConverse review.

NYCC 2016: My New York Comic Con-Quest

Four days. You would think four days would be enough. I assure you, it is not. The enormity and popularity of New York Comic Con just keeps growing! I made a valiant attempt this year to fulfill my agenda. I followed NYCC on social media and I downloaded the NYCC app; all necessary information was at my fingertips. What happened? An inability to judge the amount of time it would take to navigate my way through the Javits (Jacob Javits Center) Jungle. I must admit though, it was partially my own fault as I found myself easily distracted by all the chaotic excitement that surrounded me. New York Comic Con offers so much variety for fans of all genres. Whether you are a comic book collector, an art aficionado, a fan looking to get the latest inside scoop on their favorite TV show, a cosplayer, or someone who just wants to get up close with their favorite celebrity...  NYCC did not disappoint!

NYCC New York Comic Con Fans

Excited fans await entry into NYCC. Credit: Linda White

Open the Doors NYCC, Let the Games Begin!

Day One Plan: Queue-up to 'tap in' for a Main Stage panel and then immediately head to Stan Lee autograph line. Next I would visit Artist Alley and check out all the incredible artwork sure to be on display. I would then make my way back to attend the Main Stage panel for which I 'tapped'. Post panel I would grab a bite and continue onto the Main Floor and The Block to take some pics of the awesome cosplayers meandering throughout the convention and pay a visit to some artists that have become part of my 'con-family'. That all being done, I would head back to my hotel and prepare for day 2. Hmmm.


NYCC New York Comic Con Cosplay

Cosplay strong at NYCC! Credit: Linda White

Day One Actual Events: I woke up, checked the NYCC twitter feed and saw that fans were already lined up at 5am! Knowing I had no chance of beating the crowd, I resigned myself to missing a Main Stage panel and went straight to the Stan Lee autograph line. A wise choice as the line was capped 30 minutes after my arrival. In total, I waited approximately 3 hours before coming face to face with 'Stan the Man' Lee. I would do it all over again though, he is a legend. I spoke with him very briefly about how much I admired his work and that the Spiderman painting I placed before him was commissioned specifically for the purpose of having him sign it. As he signed, he smiled and said "Now everyone will think I did it." Who wouldn't want that kind of respect?!

NYCC New York Comic Con Stan Lee Spiderman Artwork

Official Stan Lee autograph! Credit: Linda White

After leaving Stan Lee's autograph area, I couldn't believe day one was already half over! Knowing that Artist Alley and The Block were, I dunno, about 800 miles apart (I joke, but they ARE at opposite ends of the building), I had to make a choice. It was quite simple actually, eat! I grabbed my protein bar and made my way up to the The Block, capturing cosplayers along the way. Seeing my artist friends in action at this enormous venue was humbling indeed. Inquisitive art fans surrounded their areas asking questions and purchasing some great pieces. It warmed my heart to see their talent being appreciated and made me feel even more blessed in being connected with them and their work. Oh yes, I did purchase my own commission while there as well. Hey, I NEEDED a Daredevil! All in all, not a bad day but definitely not the planned day.

NYCC New York Comic Con Artist Chris Campana Daredevil

Artist Chris Campana shows off his humor and my Daredevil sketch cover commission. Credit: Linda White

Finding the Friday Groove.

Day Two Plan: Considering what had occurred on day one, I decided it best to arrange a bit of a less aggressive schedule. I intended to capture some of the amazing cosplayers outside while waiting entry into the Javits and then queue up to obtain 'tap-in' for the Agents of Shield panel later in the day. I had a pre-purchased a photo-op with Stan Lee and an interview mid-afternoon which would give me time to check out the latest news at the Marvel, DC, and Valiant booths.

NYCC New York Comic Con Batman DC

Bat-'mans' a booth at NYCC. Credit: Linda White

Day Two Actual Events: What Happened? All of it! Stan Lee was very sweet during the photo op. It is hard not to be mesmerized by such an iconic figure in the comics and film industry. It is sad indeed that this year is his last appearance at NYCC but, I definitely understand. This man not only deserves a break, he has earned it! Thank you Mr. Lee for all your comic con-tributions!

In addition, I entered into my first ever Press Junket featuring Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe digital web series. It was an incredible learning experience and everyone was very 'chill'. I must take a moment to thank ComiConverse for forwarding me this awesome opportunity, I hope I represented you well. As an added bonus after my interview, I ran into my two interviewees, Ciera Foster and Kevin Porter as they were leaving the Javits. They said hello immediately and we all decided to take a selfie. They are two of the kindest, warm-hearted, funny and genuine people I have met. Thank you Ciera and Kevin!

NYCC New York Comic Con Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Comics

Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe cast signing at NYCC. Clockwise from top left: Michael Rowe, Derek Theler, Chantelle Barry, Kevin Porter, Ciera Foster, Jason David Frank. Credit: Linda White

Mingling with the Fans.

In between all this, I met and talked with some amazing people. From fans and staff to vendors and volunteers I found everyone to be completely friendly and always fascinating. I lunched with a very sweet girl from New York, dressed as convict Harley Quinn, and found out it was her very first time attending NYCC. We bonded over some shared interests and I even found a hair tie for her as I noted her Harley Quinn was lacking the signature pony tails due to a hair band mishap. Happy to help a Harley! I have always said, my favorite part of attending conventions are the people you encounter. Not only was I able to meet new people but, I even caught up with those from conventions past. We have become a very tight-knit community of supportive and caring people. I love them all!

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NYCC New York Comic Con Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

The many stylings of Harley Quinn. Credit: Linda White

Agents of Deceit!

Last, but certainly not least, on my agenda was the Agents of Shield panel. The crowd erupted as Clark Gregg (Coulson), Chloe Bennet (Daisy), and Gabriel Luna (Ghost Rider) walked out on stage. True fan favorites, these three were clearly happy to be part of the action at NYCC. Not only did The Agents of Shield panel provide the fans with some engaging entertainment but, they also provided them with a first look at the latest episode which was as exciting as ever! In addition... Clark, Chloe, and Gabriel, dressed in costume earlier in the day, made their way around the Javits Center interviewing fans on video and getting their thoughts on Agents of Shield. This video was then played during the panel to show the hilarious reaction of the fans and cosplayers when the 'Agents' revealed themselves. It was great to see how the celebs were really enjoying their time while at NYCC. Well done!

NYCC New York Comic Con Agents of Shield Ghost Rider

Agents of Shield Ghost Rider Panel at NYCC. Left to right: Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Gabriel Luna. Credit: Linda White

Super Saturday!

Day Three: Throw all plans out the window and go with the flow! I myself decided to cosplay it up and have some fun. I, now Scarlet Witch, walked leisurely to the Javits Center knowing that whatever happened would happen. Sometimes the best laid plans are to have no plans at all. My only commitment was to one panel mid afternoon. I visited the queue hall to see if there was room to 'tap in' for the Iron Fist panel on the Main Stage, and to my happiness, there was. Cool. I love the whole Netflix Daredevil Universe and was excited that one of my favorite actors, Finn Jones (formerly of Game of Thrones) was playing the lead as Iron Fist (Danny Rand). This was sure to be a fun panel, little did I know. I then met up with some friends and invited them into a Stan Lee Photo Op while we were all 'costumed-up'. They could hardly contain their excitement as they had no idea they would be meeting Stan Lee at all. I adore my friends, I love to surprise them when I can.

NYCC New York Conic Con Cosplay

Cosplaying with friends at NYCC. Credit: Linda White

Tough Decisions.

After taking them to meet Stan Lee, I decided to tour my NYCC newbies around the Javits center. I think excited and overwhelmed would be a perfect way to describe their initial reactions. It was awesome for me to experience the first time all over again, through their eyes. I only hope I did a good job as a tour guide. We did part ways mid afternoon because, well, another decision had to be made. They wanted to attend The Walking Dead panel at the Theater in Madison Square Garden (as did I) but I knew that if I got in line for that, I would miss the Ninjak trailer and would never make it back in time for the Iron Fist panel. Ugh. As a woman of my word, I remained at the Javits. I must say here that I did attend a Walking Dead event the previous weekend put on by the amazing staff in charge of Walker Stalker Con. So, I was not completely devoid of The Walking Dead experience. And, as it turns out, my decision to stay was spot on!

NYCC New York Comic Con The Walking Dead Daryll Dixon Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus during The Walking Dead panel at NYCC. Credit:

Marvel Magic!

The Ninjak trailer was amazing and the Iron Fist panel was absolutely epic! Let's just say, regarding Marvel, expected the unexpected. Moderator and Marvel's own, Jeph Loeb looked out into the audience and told us all NOT to leave until he said the panel was over. Clue anyone? Things opened with the cast of Iron Fist and some clips showing them in action in what is sure to be yet another hit for Marvel and Netflix. The actors only recently finished filming so they had not viewed any footage themselves; it was cool to see them crouch at the end of the stage to watch the clips and the trailer for the first time right along with the fans. Suddenly, at the end of the trailer while the audience was still cheering, Jon Bernthal appears on stage! It is officially announced, to the fans delight, that The Punisher series has started production. As if that were not enough, Finn Jones now says he has a few friends he wants to invite out... oh boy. Out walks the rest of The Defenders... Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Mike Colter (Luke Cage). The crowd was going absolutely crazy! I thought things couldn't get any more exciting, I was wrong. Moderator Jeph Loeb indicated that The Defenders needed a villain to go up against. Who does he announce on stage? Sigourney Weaver. Boom! Let's just say the room absolutely exploded as chants of "Holy Shit" rang throughout. Those two words pretty much summed up the entire experience. Mr. Loeb facetiously says, now it's over, you can go.

My Final Fix.

Day Four: It dawns on me just how quickly time has passed and the many things I sadly did not get to see. I have yet to catch a panel at the Hammerstein Ballroom or the Theater at Madison Square Garden, I wonder what it's like? While I did take a quick trip to Artist Alley, it was not nearly long enough and I am sure to have missed connecting with some talented people. There were so many exciting and informative panels offered, it's impossible to catch them all. I pondered these thoughts as I stepped through the door for the final day of NYCC 2016. I had one photo op scheduled with the iconic Carrie Fisher. I could not pass up a chance to meet Princess Leia in the flesh. I also did attend one last panel featuring Jon Bernthal, The Punisher himself, and Shane of The Walking Dead. He graciously answered fan questions and expressed his passion regarding his involvement with Netflix and The Punisher series. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Jon continues his portrayal of the complex and layered character that is Frank Castle.

NYCC New York Comic Con Artist Alley

Artist Alley at NYCC. Credit: Linda White

Good-bye NYCC.

After the photo op and panel, I had just enough time to pick up my Daredevil sketch cover commission and to say good-bye to some of my ever-expanding 'con-family'. It has officially been one year since my first comic convention (NYCC 2015) and now here I am blessed to share my experiences and knowledge with fellow fans via a website that gave me the chance. Thank you ComiConverse.

Keeping You Comic Con-nected!

Linda White


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