Nerdcast News Launch

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
August 2nd, 2015

Content Editor, Film Critic and Writer for, the Founder and co-host of the official Nerdcast Network Podcast

Nerdcast News Launch

Dear ComiConverse Community:

How are you doing fellow nerds?

I hope that everyone is enjoying the journey so far on the site. ComiConverse has been growing each and every week over last couple months. We all agree on that our podcast team is loving the fact our home has become the perfect place for comics talk.

Being the exclusive podcast and video source for ComiConverse has allowed us to make sure that our content will maintain a strong level of quality with everything we do; including the podcast and future projects. This is something we never dreamed of happening.


Last month we discussed Nerdcast News in our monthly post, where we mentioned that we have been developing some exclusive daily video content for the ComiConverse community. Ever since then, the series has been in the testing period which allowed us to understand what this will entail and that worked out really well for the expanding crew.

I am pleased to announce that, starting tomorrow, there will be daily Nerdcast News episodes up on our YouTube channel. These will tie in to the podcast episodes, with most of this content being shared on ComiConverse, but subscribe to our other channels for the earliest access to our videos.

Here is our Nerdcast News announcement video:

We are so proud that this partnership with ComiConverse came together, because the support has been simply outstanding, with our social media accounts tripling in follower, which helps us get our content for the community.

This will be continuing with Nerdcast News, with various hosts talking about the biggest updates in nerd culture from comics to upcoming movies and beyond.  We are still looting for hosts for Nerdcast News. Hopefully, we can get some fellow writers and outside talent involved to make our dream of being everyones "go to" source for nerd news come true.  Its all going to happen right here on ComiConverse.

Next week should be big in terms of the content we will be putting out for you all, with the Fantastic Four podcast special happening on the weekend.

Fantastic Four Nerdcast Podcast Special

We will always be here to answer questions which can be done by sending messages to our email account So don't be shy because feedback allows us to get better at doing this stuff.

Thanks everyone!

Keep up the awesome work!

You guys rock!


Jordan Samuel is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @LoadingBa

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