Nerdcast News is Coming

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
July 16th, 2015

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Nerdcast News is Coming

Hello ComiConverse Community!

Nerdcast Updates

How are you?

Last week I mentioned in a Comic-Con article that Nerdcast News will be kick-starting this summer and, after some development, the first episodes should be out next week.

You might be wondering what is Nerdcast News all about?

Basically, it will become the video channel for ComiConverse, with our team talking about the biggest news in entertainment, from comics to film.  Our video work will be coming out with new features for you every day.  That's our goal.

In order to provide the best video content we can, we're going to have to take things slowly and develop our Contributors. This means that we are looking at new hosts who can deliver the goods for Nerdcast and ComiConverse.

This might take some time, but in the end we will be the best place on the web and YouTube for news.  Our newscasts will give opportunities for more social activity on our platforms -  which will help ComiConverse to become the modern day source for all things Nerd.

I want to say massive a thank you for all of your support!

All of this would never have happened if you hadn't of given us so much love on both the podcast and, now, hopefully on Nerdcast News.  Nerdcast will always be key to ComiConverse, so do not worry, we won't be going anywhere.

We would also love you all if you could please follow us on both iTunes and SoundCloud, which are additional places you can access each of our episodes.

Subscribe to us on YouTube where all this Nerdcast News will be uploaded daily.

Its an exciting endeavour  which we have been building up to since our beginnings.

Don't forget to stay tuned for this weekend's podcast episode, as we take deep dives into Marvel's Ant-Man and Suicide Squad to name a few.

Keep connected for updates on this page, because next week should be a big one; both for our podcast and our Nerdcast News project


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