Who Might Be The “Justice League” Villains?

Ryan Mayer Ryan Mayer
September 11th, 2015

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Who Might Be The “Justice League” Villains?

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (BVS) continues to be one of the most talked about upcoming films among DC Comics projects and among superhero films in general. The release of Batman v. Superman seemingly sets up the all new DC Extended Universe, which will be resemble Marvel's in the sense that every new film will be connected with the previous ones.

Many know that one of the villains in BVS will be Lex Luthor, with others debating whether or not the true big bad in the film will be Doomsday. Once this massive film is released in March, fans will switch their focus to the movie that every DC Comics fan has really been looking forward to.

That film is the Justice League, which will have two parts to it.

This film will be a massive film seeing the first time the Justice League will appear in live action form on the big screen. It is still a mystery who the big bad will be. The positive for DC Comics is they have countless enemies that can take on the whole of Justice League to allow them to form up and overcome the great evil.

One of the most talked about villains that DC could bring out of the woodwork to take on the Justice League is the biggest bad there is in the DC Universe...Darkseid!

Many would argue Darkseid is the best villain to take on the Justice League seeing that he is one of the most powerful beings in this universe. Darkseid has already been featured as one of the first villains the newly formed Justice League have fought in both in the comics in the New 52 rendition of how the Justice League came together and in the animated movie Justice League: War.  Some would say that Darkseid would be better used for the second part in the two part Justice League movie. This is because the arrival of Darkseid on earth usually occurs after an alien invasion, which would be very similar to the first Avengers movie. This comparison will probably have DC Comics staying away from that for at least the first part.

The next villain who may just bring the Justice League together is the well known big bad - Brainiac.

Superman's arch enemy would be the perfect villain because his story can be easily explained as to why he has arrived on earth and that he has one simple goal. Scott Snyder could simply state that Brainiac's arrival on Earth was due to that the same signal that lead Zod to the planet. But because he was further out than Zod, it took him longer to arrive. Brainiac is also a villain that can take on Superman, as well as the whole of the Justice League. Brainiac has been known to attempt to gain the trust of Superman, by acting like someone who has come from Krypton in peace, although he always has an evil scheme under the surface.

The amazing thing about Justice League being a two part film is that it allows DC the chance to feature multiple villains and not have the screen seem crowded. They can easily make it so Braniac is the big bad of the first movie to bring the Justice league together and have at the end of the movie Darkseid be referenced or actually have him show up.

So in essence the first part of the Justice League movie will be the team first being created to take on this enemy and then have part two be about how the league will be taking on one of the baddest villains in DC Universe. The only bad thing about using Darkseid is that many comic fans and purely movie fans especially those that adore the Marvel Cinematic Universe will call Darkseid a copy of Thanos, when in all actuality Darkseid was created in 1970 and Thanos was create in 1973. Regardless, these two villains in back to back movies would be an epic way to introduce the Justice League for future movies.

Although these two villains seem like the perfect fits to go back to back against the Justice League one other villain seems to be gaining traction to possibly because the first villain in Justice League part one. That villain is none other than Black Adam. Yes, the arch nemesis of Shazam.

It seems like this idea is picking up more and more traction as the months go by. Dwayne Johnson is slotted to play Black Adam in the 2019 Shazam movie, but during a interview Johnson stated that fans may be seeing Black Adam sooner than the 2019 film. He also sent out a teaser image seemingly taunting Superman writing "No Capes". Another part of this theory that seems like it can be true is that many believe that the horse riding scene in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con trailer where we see a group of people riding horses. Fans are starting to believe that it may be located in Kahndaq, where Black Adam is from. If he is indeed the big bad for part one it would be an excellent choice due to Superman having a weakness against magic, which is what Black Adam is. Could we be seeing a Black Adam reference in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Only time will tell what exactly DC has up their sleeves when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. One thing is for sure, we will all be eagerly waiting for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, because at the end of that movie we may be getting a hint as to who will be the first big bad in Justice League. 


Tell us in the comments below who you want the villains to be in the Justice League movies.


Ryan Mayer is a Writer for ComiConverse. He can be followed on Twitter: @RMayer94

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