MCU Team-Up: Merging The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

David Hernandez David Hernandez

November 9th, 2016

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MCU Team-Up: Merging The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an enormous amount of source material to draw upon, but could this possibly include their television shows? Our David Hernandez looks at the possibilities. 

Marvel Team-up: Merging the Movie Multiverse

This one is for the Friends of ol’ Marvel! I have just returned from watching Marvel’s latest entry into the cinematic universe and I just have to say… Doctor Strange was spectacular!

Now don’t worry, there will not be any spoilers within this article, but I must say that “Doctor Strange” was not a disappointment.  The flick was a well-thought-out adaption of the comic book – and that was not an easy feat because Stan ‘the man’ Lee and ‘sturdy’ Steve Ditko really went out there with this psychedelic super hero in the 1960s.


As much as I enjoyed this strange tale of the Sorcerer Supreme’s first adventure, it left me asking an important question; “Are we ever going to see a cinematic version of the Marvel Knights – or the Defenders? Are the Netflix and ABC network shows ever going to meet A-list heroes?

I know Netflix is already teasing us with the Defenders, but that one question led me to bigger inquiries; It made me ponder the entire Marvel Television Universe. (Is the Marvel TV Universe a thing? Or did I just start something?)

Now I am a dedicated Marvel fan – reading comics since I was a young child.  So of course, I am going to watch every version of every hero Marvel ever puts in front of me. That includes animated movies, television cartoons, and of course the Netflix stuff – even the bad ones.  But as much I love what Marvel is trying to do, there is a hole in the Multiverse… do you sense it as well?

What’s missing?

Why is this not working for me? (Lots of question marks in this article, huh?)

Okay, here it is: There is no connection in the continuity!

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Will Marvel Merge Their Shows Into The Cinematic Universe?

Luke Cage Jessica Jones

Credit: Marvel Entertainment / Netflix

As a long-term Marvel reader, and I know you are going to agree – we need to see these heroes overlap… even if it’s just a thirty-second cameo.  We need these guys (and gals) to run into each other on the streets. That was one of the best parts of Marvel Comics – these people all coexisted!  And as big as New York City is, somehow, someway, Stan always found a way for these characters to meet. And we ate that stuff up.

Yes, I know we saw Luke Cage on Jessica Jones, but come on, she was jumping off buildings right next to a rooftop where Daredevil was getting his butt kicked by the Punisher! And are you going to tell me that Coulson and Daisy haven’t run into Luke Cage while they are scouring the earth for Inhumans?


Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Then of course, you have Stephen Strange running down the street in the Village… where’s Peter Parker when you need him?  J. Jonah Jameson is going to be pretty upset when he finds out that a bald Celtic woman fell out of a thirty-story building and nobody got a photo for the Bugle.  And finally, we all know that Tony Stark’s radar would go nuts every time a Quinjet landed (cloaked or not) on a city street.

So now you know where I am going with this – I just want Kevin Feige and the Marvel Movie staff to get their act together and bring the true spirit of Marvel to these celluloid adventures.  Stan Lee had a vision with the Marvel Universe, and it is only fair that we give the Cinematic Universe the same respect. How difficult (or expensive) could it possibly be to get Doctor Strange to show up on a Daredevil Episode? Or how about just having Logan in city clothes bump into a passing Jessica Jones, sniffing the air with a confused expression? These little moments would be priceless! Not to mention trending and viral.

When Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. first went on the air, there was a lot of dialogue referring to the Avengers. And we, the fans saw this as a great vehicle to keep in touch with the Marvel Universe until the next big box-office spectacular.  We envisioned weekly updates and teases of where the overall story-line would lead.  But that continuity seems to have lost its luster with the Whedon Brothers and the rest of the Marvel cinematic staff; simply mentioning the Sokovia Accords here and there just isn’t going to cut it folks!

I recently read that Feige wasn’t even sure if the Inhumans were on TV! That broke my heart; that the man in charge of all the Marvel productions is completely unaware of the overall storylines?  If Marvel is going to continue to grow on film, then they need to gather all their talent and think about how the films, worlds, and yes… television characters can crossover and exist with a chronological mythology that makes sense.  It would only cause the audience to grow more curious of the other show and heroes they may have missed out on, which means higher ratings for everyone.

That’s how Marvel got me as a kid.  I can’t tell you how many times I was tricked into buying another issue of a comic I didn’t collect because Spidey teamed up with another hero – so I had to run and get that hero’s comic to find out how the story ended! And it made me happy.

Good stuff Marvel, good stuff.

What do you think? Should Marvel's Theatrical and Televsion teams work harder at eventually bringing all of the heoes together in the traditional Marvel fashion? Or is this a new era in storytelling?


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