Secret Wars: The Build Up

Louis Waldron Louis Waldron
June 13th, 2015

I spend more time pretending to be Spider-Man than I should.

Secret Wars: The Build Up
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Earth Doomed


With all attempts failing to stop the impending incursion the only solution is to use an anti-matter bomb to destroy the incoming Earth; neither member can bring themselves to kill the billions of people on the alternative Earth and choose again to pursue other methods. Namor decides against this and detonates the device destroying the alternative Earth, Namor is subsequently forced out of the Illuminati due to his actions. Using information from Black Swan about their God ‘Rabum Alal’ (Their deity, that on his birth caused the first incursion) and the ‘Black Priests’ (An alien race destroying Earth’s that are about to be destroyed) the Illuminati send Yellowjacket across the Multiverse using a device called a “Bridge” to investigate the cause.

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