Secret Wars: The Build Up

Louis Waldron Louis Waldron
June 13th, 2015

I spend more time pretending to be Spider-Man than I should.

Secret Wars: The Build Up
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Incursion Bound


A member of the “Black Swans” is spotted over Wakanda attempting to destroy a universe destined to crash into Earth-616, Black Panther spots her and subsequently captures her to investigate the event. Upon hearing her out Black Panther calls together the Illuminati (A team consisting of Blank Panther, Iron Man, Reed Richards, Steve Rogers, Beast, Namor, Yellowjacket and Captain Britain) to face this threat. They learn that universe’s across the Multiverse are colliding with one another in events called Incursions that have its Earth as the centre of the destruction. After a failed attempt to stop the incursion, Steve Rogers starts to question the dark lengths the Illuminati will go to; deciding it is best to tackle this without him Dr. Strange wipes his mind of any knowledge of what’s been happening.

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