Marvel Week In Review

Louis Waldron Louis Waldron
July 24th, 2015

I spend more time pretending to be Spider-Man than I should.

Marvel Week In Review

Each week here at ComiConverse we are going to be reviewing our top three favourite comics coming out of Marvel.

No. 1:  Old Man Logan #3

Old Man Logan #3

Mark Millar’s, Old Man Logan was a sensational hit when released back in 2008 and with Brian Michael Bendis now at the helm it has been given its very own new tie-in series for Secret Wars.

We really think this is one of the better tie-in's for Secret Wars released so far, as it has Old Man Logan travelling (illegally - you need permission) between domains trying to find the origin of a stray Ultron head. It’s very compelling to see Old Man Logan interact with people he once knew (but who don’t know him) from different domains. Within Battleworld, most domains are aware of one another, some aren't.

What Logan starts to see within each domain is that not only do these surrounding domains feature new people and new dangers but these new people aren't exactly "new" at all. They’re slightly alternate versions of one another, something that most of Battleworld's inhabitants are completely unaware of. The beginning arc to this run, as with the original, starts with a road trip and shows great promise in making an important impact to Secret Wars or even after.

No. 2:  Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1

Star-Lord Kitty Pryde #1

The premise of this issue sparked my interest a few weeks back. As was detailed in a previous article, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde is under the Secret Wars Banner ‘Battleworld’. These are the issues that will make an impact to the main Secret Wars plot, some greatly - others not so much. Apart from this, what also distinguishes this series from others is that this is first issue released that focuses directly on a survivor of the incursions.

This Peter Quill isn’t just any Peter Quill, he’s our Peter Quill. Writer Sam Humphries does a great job of portraying Star-Lord. He’s still the same charmingly hilarious, Han Solo-esque character we’ve all grown to love. After the aftermath of Secret Wars #4 Star Lords loses contact with the other survivors and is forced to lie low in a random domain after Doom’s forces are out looking for him. All is well until Peter sees Kitty Pryde (Battleworld’s Kitty, not his fiancée Kitty - yeah so many emotions!) who just happens to be working for Doom

No. 1: All-New Hawkeye #4

All-New Hawkeye #4

Our number one this week is All-New Hawkeye by the very talented Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez! Okay, Let’s get down to brass tacks on this; Lemire is a brilliant writer, each issue makes me want to read more, his portrayal of both Hawkeye’s and Clint Barton when he is young is captivating, Lemire is clearly a talented writer with a penchant for the archer (Previous works include DC’s Green Arrow). However, the thing that sets this series apart from most others in recent memory at Marvel is the art by Perez. The flashback scenes are disbursed with a spectrum of purple pastel watercolour style that are visually exquisite.

All-New Hawkeye is set in two linear timelines, in the beautiful watercolours we see a slightly different spin on the origin of Clint Barton, with a great glimpse in retrospect to his drive to be the worlds greatest marksmen. The present is a tale of the two Hawkeye's working in tandem together and the two stories compliment each other perfectly. Not only are we seeing Clint become Hawkeye and then use his skills in the present, we also see how he becomes such a strong, compassionate person. This is, again, shown in the present with his relationship with Kate Bishop. This series is very slowly starting to take over my love for Matt Fraction's excellent recent run with Hawkeye and if it continues in this stride will continue to be in our top 3 for months to come!

Other titles this week that never quite made it into our top three are:

The Last Days of Punisher #20, Magneto #20 and Loki: Agent of Asgard #16. The very wonder Weirdworld #2, Marvel Zombies #2 and Spider-Woman #9 and more!


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