Secret Wars: Explained

Louis Waldron Louis Waldron
June 15th, 2015

I spend more time pretending to be Spider-Man than I should.

Secret Wars: Explained

Marvel's Secret Wars is one of the biggest comics events in recent memory. Fortunately, we have our very own user guide for you, right here on ComiConverse.

The Multiverse has been destroyed, all that remains is Battleworld; a patchwork planet formed of domains, pieces of various universes from the Multiverse combined, this is Secret Wars. How this world has been formed has yet to be revealed but Marvel are releasing an extensive collection of tie-in issues alongside the main Secret Wars saga that detail the trials and tribulations of all of Battleworld’s occupants. Each tie-in is part of a wider umbrella of titles called Secret Wars: Battleworld, Secret Wars: Last Days and Secret Wars: Warzones! We've detailed the ever growing list of tie-ins for you below.

Secret Wars Map

Secret Wars: Battleworld

Secret Wars Battleworld

Secret Wars: Battleworld focuses and features some big player that, according to Marvel ‘will directly affect the main story taking place in Secret Wars and characters who will play a part in the larger event’ so if you’re into reading the tie-ins of an event these will be the ones to look out for:

  • Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies - (I’ve never been more excited for a tie-in) this is literally about human survival in a time where there is a free-for-all war between homicidal robots and zombies. My inner fan boy weeps at the premise.
  • Ghost Racers – Based in the “Arena” of Battleworld this will showcase Ghost Riders of the Multiverse.
  • Inhumans: Attilan Rising – Medusa, the Baron of Attilan, is asked to seek out the leader of an uprising against Battleworld.
  • Marvel Zombies - Setting up more zombie escapades separate to that of the war between Perfection and The Deadlands.
  • Master of Kung fu - Shang-Chi joins Battleworld and discusses the beginnings of this version of K'un L'un.
  • Runaways - School is in session as youngsters are pulled from various domains to battle High School!
  • Secret Wars: Battleworld - Set as an anthology piece detailing various characters across Battleworld including Punisher, MODOK and Blade.
  • Secret Wars Journal - Another anthology piece with sets of smaller stories denoting the parts smaller characters such as Night Nurse, Millie the Model and others play in the larger world.
  • Siege - Based at The Shield (41. Wall) this is a form of homage to the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones, where various out casts protect the Domains from the never ending threat of The Deadlands, Perfection and New Zandar.
  • Star-Lord & Kitty Pride - Can love still survive in Battleworld?
  • Thors - Battleworld is policed by a team of Thors new and old, this books concentrates on the detective work for those worthy of Mjolnir.
  • Ultimate End - Bring an end to 15 years of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

Secret Wars: Last Days

Secret Wars Last Days

Secret Wars: Last Days continue current on going Marvel Comics, how will your favourite Marvel character react when the end is certain?

Titles Include:

  • Black Widow
  • Captain America & The Mighty Avengers
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard
  • Magneto
  • Ms. Marvel
  • The Punisher
  • Silver Surfer

And more...

Secret Wars: Warzones!

Secret Wars Warzones

Secret Wars: Warzones! is the counter-part to Battleworld featuring in-depth stories from around the domains that are separate from the main Secret Wars story arc.

In later posts I will review my favourite from the 'Warzones!' series so I haven't gone into too much detail below:

  • 1602: Witch Hunter Angela
  • 1872
  • A-Force
  • Age of Apocalypse
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
  • Armor Wars
  • Captain Britain & The Mighty Defenders
  • Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps
  • Civil War
  • Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars
  • E is for Extinction
  • Future Imperfect
  • Giant-Size Little Marvels: AvX
  • Guardians of Knowhere
  • Hail Hydra
  • Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra
  • House of M
  • Howard the Human
  • Inferno
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Korvac Saga
  • M.O.D.O.K. Assassin
  • Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos
  • Old Man Logan
  • Planet Hulk
  • Red Skull
  • Secret Love
  • Secret Wars 2099
  • Spider-Island
  • Spider-Verse
  • Squadron Sinister
  • Where Monsters Dwell
  • Wierdworld
  • X-Men ‘92
  • X-Tinction Agenda
  • Years of Future Past

These are the titles that have been announced as of the 06/15/15 and there are more ever likely to come.

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Louis Waldron is a contributor to ComiConverse, you can follow him on Twitter: @Louiswaldron

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