Zoom: The Truth Revealed?

William Owens

February 15th, 2016

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William Owens joins ComiConverse with an analysis piece on the latest developments on The Flash. Who is Zoom? What's his back story? Why does he hate Barry so much? And how does he even know about the Scarlet Speedster of Earth-1 anyway?

I decided for my first article that I should hit the ground running and write about a topic that I can't get enough of right now: Zoom. He came out of nowhere and caused a ripple of fangasms through the multiverse. There is quite the mystery here and honestly I find myself asking the same questions over and over again. I've read the forums and investigated the plausible truths. I have scoured the internet to locate fan theories and the evidence in the comic books to back them up. The following is purely speculation at this point and in no way an absolute truth.


First, let me introduce you to the main topic of this theoretical take on Zoom. This is Barry Allen. To be specific, after examining the "remains" of the Black Flash who had just fought Darkseid, Barry Allen was overcome by the entity. I urge you to look at the Black Flash's suit. In comparison to Zoom's suit, we can see there are quite a few similarities. From the black suit to the facial pattern it is clear to see.


Now we have to look at just what the Black Flash is. He is understood to be the representation of Death itself to speedsters, due to the fact that their attachment to the Speed Force allows them to defy time. Not to mention that they have a natural immunity to aging because of their enhanced metabolism. In other words, those who run fast enough can escape death — or at least they could. This is the reasoning behind the Black Flash. The entity has been seen by many of the speedsters, but only a few were unfortunate enough to have been caught by it. Most of my theories start here, as I am convinced that the Black Flash has something to do with Zoom.

Prof Zoom during Blackest Night

Credit: DC Comics

This is also the Black Flash. Though it is not Barry Allen — it is someone who absolutely hates him. Eddie Thawne is one of the most dangerous of villains in the Flash's Rogues' Gallery. Coupled with the extreme power of the Black Flash, he could be unstoppable. One of my theories has Eddie Thawne making a comeback in a future episode. His bloodline definitely has ties to the Speed Force, and considering his "death" had a huge effect on team Flash, this is a plausibility. Back from the dead Eddie would have the information on Barry already, and maybe that is why he is stealing speedster speed. All of this is a revenge scheme, slowly growing into a huge end-of-season fight that may threaten Iris, Joe and the others.

Future Barry/Blue Flash

Credit: DC Comics

Next up in this theoretical topic is Barry Allen again, but this time as a future version of himself. This Flash dons a blueish black suit as well as a Zoom-esque blue lightning effect. He is also massively strong as well as fast. This Barry Allen still sulks after the paralysis of Iris and the death of Wally West, twenty years later.

He holds himself accountable for being late to important events throughout his life and becomes determined to fix everything that was broken in his timeline, including himself. He feels that his original self was not fit to be a hero and therefore commences in a battle of supremacy. This could be a possible explanation to why Zoom has so much hatred for Barry and it would also make for a pretty awesome turn of events.

Of course, Zoom's true identity could also be our next subject.

Wally West

Credit: DC Comics

Wally West himself! If you have been watching the show, you'll have already noticed how many "I like to go fast" statements have been made as well as the paint job (with a Flash color scheme) on the hot rod that he drove. What if Earth-2's Wally West was hell bent on defeating his idol? Did you notice how Zoom stole Jay Garrick's speed, but needs Wells to do the dirty work for him? One of Wally's powers is the ability to "steal" speed. According to the DC Comics wiki:

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He is able to "steal" speed and/or momentum from anyone or anything, including beings such as Superman or Inertia effectively turning them into living statues. Also can steal speed from bullets and other fast moving objects thrown at him or at others. This ability is so great, that he once took the speed from the entire planet, and its population, including the very fast beings such as Superman, Jay Garrick etc. He cannot, however, steal speed from certain speedsters such as Professor Zoom, who creates his own negative Speed Force and is able to corrupt/negate the Speed Force, and Barry Allen who is the source of the Speed Force and its sole creator.

You see, Jay Garrick received his speed powers before Barry in the comics and was not part of the Speed Force. This could be the answer to the riddle of Zoom's identity.

Is he simply a character evolved to push the story, or is there a deeper secret?

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  1. mohammed says:

    good theory . cant wiat for tonight

  2. Gamecock Fan says:

    I like the theory a lot! I’d bet, if this theory is accurate, it’s Earth-2 Eddie. I think it’s probably least likely to be Wally, just b/c of the physical differences. Also, one of your points about Wally references the way in which Zoom stole Jay’s speed, but we know that didn’t actually go down the way Jay said. When Jay confessed that he is a speed junkie to Caitlin, he was telling her about when he was developing a Velocity formula, and then he said something bad happened. Caitlin assumed he was confessing that the formula is what took his speed, not Zoom.

    I think he may have been about to tell her that using the formula somehow separated him from his speed, which personified itself as Zoom, and just went with what Caitlin said instead b/c it was a way to warn her off of developing more Velocity formulas without admitting he created Zoom, but we’ll see. At the very least, he’s confirming that the initial story was a falsehood, and the “fight” between Jay and Zoom which we saw in flashback form never actually happened.

  3. I will say this, I can agree that Jay never outright said that Zoom stole his speed but could it be that Velocity 6 made him so dependent that Zoom was able to siphon the speed? With that being said, look at how he grabbed the speed from Wells and shot it up like a “speed” junkie (sorry, couldn’t resist). I still think that Zoom is a Black Flash or the Grim Reaper to speedsters which would allow him to take the speed. The only reason he hasn’t taken Barry`s speed is because he wants him at the peak of his performance. We will have to see!