X-Men: Dark Phoenix Costume Teased in Set Photos

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
March 10th, 2018

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Costume Teased in Set Photos

Marvel Comics

The team of X-Men appears to have new costumes in set photos from X-Men: Dark Phoenix which is looking to shake up the universe for better or worse. Over, the last 18 years X-Men has seen different looks with the early 2000’s films leaning to a more grounded leather feel and it wasn’t until X-Men: First Class fans saw the yellow latex suits.

The film is set to turn our younger actors into a proper team now after the X-Men started training in the Danger Room. We saw glimpses of their iconic suits, but it seems like they did not last very long. As new set photos revealed a more grounded look for the X-Men, with larger empathize on the iconic logo. While certainly not as detailed as their last designs, they are close to how the X-Men looked in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run that began in 2001.

While the image is not good quality, it looks like Dark Phenoix will rely less heavily on tactical gear and instead embrace the yellow spandex. These new costumes look, heavy like the New X-Men which is a great homage to one iconic run. But what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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