Will Fear the Walking Dead Become AMCs Front Runner?

Renee Hansen Renee Hansen
August 15th, 2018

Will Fear the Walking Dead Become AMCs Front Runner?

When I first heard there would be a companion series to the Walking Dead I was sceptical. Things like this have been tried in the past and have fallen flat.  The Walking Dead has been a favourite for quite some time, but with the killing off of Carl Grimes, some fans were starting to wonder if the show can last. Then, at SDCC Andrew Lincoln, who plays leader Rick Grimes, officially announced his departure, which fans knew about but it hadn’t been publicly published by Lincoln until then. Lauren Cohen, Maggie Greene, will also be leaving in season 9 to film Whiskey Cavalier but, it sounds like things will be left open for a return from Maggie.

The question is, can a show lose this many leads and survive? We still have many characters who could take on the edge, Carol or King Ezekiel or even Negan with some creative character building. There has also been a lot of talk about the lazy writing of TWD. It will be interesting to see what new showrunner Angela Kang will come up with for Season 9. In interviews, she has stated this season will be heavily focused on the women of TWD as well as some pleasant surprises for fans of the comics.

While all that is happening in TWD universe Fear the Walking Dead has been going strong in its 4th Season. With the introduction of characters John Dorie, Garret Dillahunt & Naomi, Jenna Elfman, as well as the crossover from TWD to FTWD of Morgan Jones, Lenny James, FTWD is in a strong position to take over as the fan favourite. With excellent writing, excellent casting and fantastic FX, it is exciting to see TWD get some competition. I love TWD, but honestly, it has gotten stale.



When FTWD first started I was very interested to see how this would be different than TWD. We immediately become intertwined with the Clark family at the onset of the Zombie Apocalypse. You follow them during the confusion and uncertainty of those first days. They met up with people good and evil and had to handle situations they had never encountered in the regular world.  I thought Seasons 1 & 2 were a bit slow and too quiet for my taste. I wanted more excitement! I feel I compared it too much to TWD and had to realise this isn’t the same show and that was a good thing.

I stopped watching until Season 3 came out and people on social media started to praise just how good the 3rd Season was turning out. They went too far as to say that they prefer FTWD over TWD. I had to give it another chance. So far I have not been disappointed.  I don’t want to give spoilers as a lot of people did stop watching but, this series makes you feel like you are a part of this group.

It feels more like the earlier seasons of TWD where you had a vested interest in this leading group, and you felt connected to them. I highly recommend giving it another try if you got burnt out early on. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and the turn this show takes in season three.  

The 2nd half of Season 4 airs Sunday, August 12th. You need to binge watch what you haven’t listened to get ready for this mid-season opener. There have been heavy losses, but there is strength in this group. There are leaders and newer cast members that are front-runners and fan favourites to step up and take over as leaders of this group.

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