We Wish You A ComiChristmas!

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel
December 25th, 2017

Content Editor, Film Critic and Writer for ComiConverse.com, the Founder and co-host of the official Nerdcast Network Podcast

Oh, Hello! What are you doing on ComiConverse on the most beautiful time of year, shouldn't you be putting on the calories and reading comics with the family? We have plenty of content to experience including our review on Bright and State of the Modern Cinematic Universe.

Merry Christmas!

2017 has been a fast year: for DC, Marvel, and Independent comic book prints. Famous characters have been rewritten with new storylines adding to their legacy. The new year will bring us many more adventures in both printed comics and big budget films.

But we had fantastic comic book releases including Doomsday Clock. And significant Adaptations of classic comic storylines in movie form. ComiConverse experienced a change of leadership in 2017, drastically improving the way things are run. Pushing us further into our aim to be a community for comic book lovers and pop culture enthusiasts, welcoming inspiring writers to our conversations.

You may be eating a plate of Christmas grub, or opening that surprise present and cuddling up on the sofa watching a comic book film. We are proud of the support you have given us and look forward to becoming an essential spot for everything Comics. A massive shoutout out to the writers who make us stay afloat with brilliant content.

Our workforce all wish you the best in 2018 and beyond! Thanks for all the support in making us grow into a signature internet community.

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