We ComiConverse with Stephen Colletti

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December 20th, 2017

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We ComiConverse with Stephen Colletti

One Tree Hill has marked the series landscape from 2003 to 2012. This American television drama created by Mark Schwahn was initially based on the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, their evolutions throughout ordeals and time. Five months after the end of the show, the fans are still at the rendezvous.

Last month, the People Con agency organized a convention where James Lafferty, Paul Johansson, Craig Sheffer, Antwon Tanner, Shantel VanSanten and Stephen Colletti were pleased to meet their fans and talk about the series that has changed their careers forever. During this event, called Back To the Rivercourt, I had the pleasure to talk to Stephen Colletti who played Chase Adams, a recurring character from season 8. We chatted about his late arrival on the show and his role.

Credit: The CW

Elodie: You joined the casting of OTH a bit later, how did you meet with the cast? Was it hard for you?

Stephen: When I joined the cast, it was an intimidating time. I knew it was a very successful show that had been on for a while. I looked up to these people you know. They had a show that was four years on the air and people were responding to it. It was a lot of pressure and intimidating but that’s why I loved that. I just hoped that they would accept me. I didn’t know. As soon as I got to Wilmington, they welcomed me with open arms. And I am not just saying that you felt it. always wondered “why ?” and someone would tell me later on, that they realized that it was important to me. ”The reason that we were able to accept you in the show with open arms was that you were really excited to be there, to work on it, it was important to you," they said. And it was! I never understood that. I was sure they were like: "Who is this new person ?" There are a few people, in particular, that helped me settle in very easily to the show. They would tell me the way things run and what not. It was really important to me and I am always grateful for that. I was very scary at first going on the show, but as soon as I got there, it was really warm.

Elodie : At the end of the show, your character ends up becoming the owner of a The Trick but is still single. Was it the end you wanted for Chase or were you expecting something else?

Stephen: As far as the ending for Chase I think that, considering that the relationship that he and Amy just had, it was time for him to take a break from dating for a little while. You know, the rock star girlfriend, the actress were a lot to handle. Maybe sit on the sidelines for a little while was good. I think that I was happy about that and he was doing stuff that was more meaningful, like taking care of himself in the way of owning the bar or looking after somebody else in having this relationship, you know, being a big brother with Chuck! For me, when the show ended, where Chase was, it was a got spot. A right place for him to be. I feel like he had a lot of stories that were happening and it all came to a point. That was a happy ending for him with a bright future ahead.

Elodie: What kind of student were you? Did you have any common point with Chase?

I couldn’t seat still in class. Chase would be able to go about his business a little more maturely. You know, in a more responsible way. Me, younger,  I wanted to be always outside and running rambunctious. I was always a handful of the teachers cause I was hyperactive. I needed to do things, so I wasn't very studious. Chase is more of an academic, more of a responsible student. For me, it was hard to get me to seat still in class. I had a lot of teachers that were very frustrated with me cause I couldn't seat still. It is because I wanted to perform.

Elodie: Have you always wanted to be an actor then? 

Stephen: I didn't know I wanted to be an actor. I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment. I’ve done different stuff. I thought I wanted to do maybe hosting material. I was going to be a sports broadcaster. To me, the acting was a challenge. Found it very interesting as I got older. Cause I was done a little bit growing up. To me, it was just theatre stuff you did in school. When you got to high school, you weren't going to do theatre cause you wanted to have fun, you wanted to be cool and be social. I wasn't a theatre guy. So no, I wouldn't do that. I was going to play the sport. Sports are the "cool" things to do. So I did that. But later in life you kinda learned, that theatre was interesting to me. I started studying acting learning more about it and founding that: yes, this is what is interesting to me. I wanna pursuit this.

Elodie: The series ended up some years ago, and the fans are still really involved. How do you feel about it?

Stephen: The fans are amazing! The fact that the series has been off for a while and the fans still appreciate the show is pretty special. That doesn't happen. And even, there are still a lot of successful show that had good runs; they don't necessarily have a fanbase like OTH does. OTH has a fanbase that is one and a million. It is very special. We all recognize it. You know, people that got to work on the show, we understand how fortunate we are. We feel like we hit the lottery. We were able to be a part of the show, and people respond to it. It is also stuck with people which is a part of what we are doing this. You want to be impactful; you want people to remember what you are doing because it meant something to them, that's the whole reason. OTH does that for people. And to be able to get that feedback and to come out these many years later and meet people to talk about the show is pretty special.

Elodie: Thank you very much!

Stephen: Thank you.

Thanks again to People Con and Stephen Colletti.

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