Why You Should Watch the Return of Peaky Blinders.

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November 15th, 2017

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Why You Should Watch the Return of Peaky Blinders.

Masterfully directed, the series Peaky Blinders quietly but certainly continues its ascension on BBC. Tardily announced, the fourth season will begin on Wednesday, 15th of November. Deserving way more attention than it currently generates, here are 5 reasons for you to follow this drama (if not done yet !) and to not miss its big return.

1 - A criminal story

Credits : Peaky Blinders

Inspired by real facts and rooted in a historical context, the series focuses on the Shelby family, some raging gangsters in Birmingham during the 1920s. Nicknamed the Peaky Blinders because of the razor blades hidden in the lining of their cap, these outlaws feared by all were giving their whole into different kind of exactions in a post-WWI Albion. Unlike Downtown Abbey which displayed the bourgeoisie and nobility of that time, Peaky Blinders shows the dark side, the earthy dirty alleys and asphyxiating fumes where poverty had settled down.

2 - A neat casting

Credits : Peaky Blinders

This mafioso macrocosm is brilliantly held by a fine selection of actors headed by a Cilian Murphy more convincing than ever. He alone is a powerful argument. This angelic-face Irishman made a name of himself on multiple occasions under the guidance of great directors like Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan or Ron Howard. As a real strength of the show, Cillian offers an astonishing performance all in subtlety and charisma. On his sides, amongst others, we can recognised Paul Anderson from Sherlock Holmes, Helene McCrory spotted in Penny Dreadful and Annabelle Wallis discovered in the Tudors. With no exception, all of them have send the word round in order to deliver flawless and powerful prestations.


Not to forget the unique guest stars that have flocked to this drama. We will mention in particular : Sam Neill, Tom Hardy and finally Adrien Brody that will throw a wrench in the gears of the Peaky next season.

3 - Non-manichaean characters

Credits : Peaky Blinders

Rarely the occasion has been given to us to follow protagonists as fascinating and complex than those of Peaky Blinders. Successively brutal, humanist and cruel, they all possess diverse faces that keep surprising us. They all try to escape their own demons, heal they deeper wounds and forget, as much as possible, the nightmare they went through during the war. And it is the same for the women. With roles as much detailed than the ones of their male acolytes, those strong-willed and independent women don’t keep their tongues in their pockets.

4 - A perfectly staged show

Credits : Peaky Blinders

The English class of the BBC series has returned! The creator Steven Knight has skilfully given a baroque identity to his project from the first scene. Filmed in England to faithfully adapt the Birmingham of the years 1920, the photography of this town gnawed by poverty is beautified to its tiniest details. Everything is dark, grimy and insalubrious. You can almost smell the putrid effluvium coming from the screen.

To reinforce this total and remarkable immersion, our heroes are dressed from head to toes with the fashion style of the epoch :  three-piece suits in tweed, ties and the caps. Wonderful !

5 - A modern soundtrack

Credits : Peaky Blinders

The series is rhythmic all the way by a rock’n roll and electrical contemporary sound that modernises it. The challenge was audacious but is highly successful. Chosen with great care, we can hear some artists such as Nick Cave (his tune Red Right Hand is used in the credits), Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Artic Monkeys or White Stripes.

And here is a little anecdote : David Bowie was a huge fan of Peaky Blinders. Before he died, he had sent in exclusivity his last album, Backstar, to Steven Knight. That’s why some of his songs can be heard in the season 3 of the show.

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So, are you convinced now ?

Don’t miss the return of Peaky Blinders !

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