Walker Stalker Con: Calling All Dead Heads!

Linda Marie Linda Marie
September 24th, 2016

Comic Cons stole my life!

Walker Stalker Con: Calling All Dead Heads!

Our Linda White gets you ready for Walker Stalker Con, with her report here on ComiConverse.

Are You A Connoisseur Of Carnage?

Does the idea of flesh-eating zombies, blood thirsty vampires, and murderous clowns give you a thrill? Well then, Walker Stalker Con (WSC) is the place for you! While WSC is primarily based around the AMC hit TV series The Walking Dead, this event caters to all things gory and gruesome. Enter at your own risk and be prepared to get buried in some bloody fun!

Walker Stalker Con WSC The Walking Dead Zombies

Family Fun! Credit: Linda White

It was out of sheer curiosity and love of the macabre that I attended my very first Walker Stalker Con this past July in New Jersey. I truly didn't know what to expect, but found myself immediately wrapped up in all the excitement that surrounds the zombie apocalypse phenomenon. Families came together to transform themselves into ravaging groups of grisly 'Walkers' thanks to the efforts of extremely talented special effects personal available on site. A sweet and innocent child one minute became a bitter and evil handful the next! Ah, the magic of make-up. In addition, one could delve straight into the world of the zombie apocalypse via The Walking Dead Experience. A true adventure to

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