‘Venom’ Has A Symbiotic Riot In New Trailer

Jordan Samuel Jordan Samuel

July 31st, 2018

Content Editor, Film Critic and Writer for ComiConverse.com, the Founder and co-host of the official Nerdcast Network Podcast

Sony Pictures has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Venom film, which delves into the origins of the beast and debuts a new symbiote. It seems like the studio has learned from previous trailers, by including severe glimpses at the lethal protector various abilities.

Sony surprised many when they announced a Venom movie that would ultimately launch a line of films utilising their catalogue of Spider-Man related characters. But will it succeed? Check out the trailer:


Following a scandal, journalist Eddie Brock attempts to revive his career by investigating the Life Foundation, but comes into contact with an alien symbiote that bonds with him, giving him superpowers as long as they share the same body.

Venom also stars Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate and Scott Haze. Sony opens the film Oct. 5.

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