True Detective Review: “Night Finds You”

Sahil Sirsat Sahil Sirsat
July 7th, 2015

True Detective Review: “Night Finds You”

True Detective is back and hotter than ever and we have all the details for you on ComiConverse!

The title promised that Night Finds You and it did find them all in different regards.

(Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoilers from True Detective season 1 and 2.)

This episode didn’t actually start very well. The first scene was Frank Semyon in bed talking to his wife about his childhood.

Vince Vaughn is no Matthew McConaughey.

Those lines were not a good fit for Semyon and Vaughn’s monotonous delivery didn’t help. The story was silly and didn’t tell us anything new about the character. We already knew he had a rough past, so why was this story important?

The next scene is in a morgue, where a doctor informs the detectives about the details of Caspere’s death. Simultaneously, we see how this team of Velcoro, Bezzerides and Woodrugh was put together. Woodrugh is offered a State Detective shield if he goes through with this case. All through this time it is teased that the death of Caspere is not the end of the story. It is beginning of something big which will change the landscape of Vinci.

In our last True Detective review article I stated that the tone of the show was not clear and that season two did not match the atmosphere of the first season. It does now.

While the detectives were being debriefed, we are treated with a short introduction to Vinci.

I loved how they are developing the city similar to a character. Like Gotham. Vinci is not a normal city. This city is basically one large industrial plant. It runs on sweatshop economics. It has low taxes and minimal labour costs which makes it the heaven for industrialists. This is a city where small-time criminals like Frank Semyon can rise and become rich and powerful. People like him own the city.

Police and government are just for show.

They do not matter.

Vinci City

Vinci City

As suspected, the killer hasn't left any marks on Caspere’s body which could help police identify him.

As known before, Velcoro and his ex-wife have issues related to their son Chad. Velcoro beating up Wit Conroy over an insignificant prank did nothing but rubbed salt into those wounds. His ex-wife does not agree with his philosophy of “A good beating promotes personal growth” and is threatening to petition for sole custody of their son. But this is just the start of a very bad day for Velcoro.

Speaking of a bad day, Caspere died with Frank’s money in his pocket. Frank’s life’s work is jeopardized by this loss of 5 million dollars. Caspere took the money from Frank but never gave it to Catalast to buy the land. The resolution of this case and finding the killer to regain the money is now more important to Frank than any detective on the case. Frank goes forth and begins solving the case on his own front.

From Ben Caspere’s schedule, Ani and Ray find out that Caspere regularly visited a psychiatrist Dr. Pitlor. Mr. Pitlor (who is wearing sunglasses in his office by the way) reluctantly helps the detectives by spilling information about Caspere’s obsession with women. The interesting thing about his clinic is they perform cosmetic surgeries. I think that this is going to play a vital role in the story. I have a feeling that a surgery will be or has already been performed on somebody to change their looks.

Then we head to the Mayor Austin Chessani’s office where Frank slips him the week’s due to keep things running smoothly. Austin talks about his son Tony and says “He is losing his mind”. His son could be somehow related to this case.

The Good People were mentioned far too many times in this episode to not have any connection with the story. But they are remembered in a bad light by Ani.

They might not be "Good People" after all.

Virtually everyone in the Vinci PD and State PD knows that Velcoro is bent. He is deeply involved with criminal activities in Vinci. But then he says this: “The reasons for all this, all that, might not exist for me anymore”. He is actually trying to get out. He is trying to be a good man again. For the time being, Frank persuades him to go to an address in Hollywood which is the second house of Caspere where Frank suspects he was murdered.

Thing that shot Velcoro

Mystery man that shot Velcoro

In that house the unthinkable happens.  A guy in a crow headdress and black attire shots Velcoro. Velcoro was shot twice, first time from some distance and the other was point blank in the stomach. There is really slim chance of him surviving. Realistically, he shouldn’t survive.

Overall, this episode of True Detective was pretty solid. The beginning was flat and slow but it got better. I don’t think Vince Vaughn talking philosophy is the way to go. He was more comfortable at road side threatening sweatshop book-keeper than he was at the beginning. Besides that, this episode was very interesting. It was attention and thought provoking. I am starting to like the new atmosphere that is being created with industries and lights rather than woods.

I am very excited for the next episode.


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