Top 10 Doctor Strange Villains

Mitch Nissen Mitch Nissen
October 4th, 2016

Grew up reading comic books in the 90's. Marvel fan at heart. Hulk, the Midnight Sons, and Marvel's cosmic universe are my favorites.

Top 10 Doctor Strange Villains
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Doctor Strange, Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, is one of the most powerful heroes in the whole of the Marvel Universe. And as one of the most formidable forces for good, those whom Doctor Strange defends against are among the greatest of villains in the entire Marvel continuum. Join us here at ComiConverse as we count down Doctor Strange's greatest villains!

Top 10 Doctor Strange Villains

Soon Marvel Studios is about to unleash Doctor Strange in his first big screen film appearance! While we eagerly await his silver screen debut, counting down the days, join us here and now as we count down ten of the vilest, darkest, most powerful enemies to have matched wits against Marvel's Master of the Mystic Arts!

You may not recognize some of the villains on this list and, sadly, many of the classic stories featuring these characters have not been collected in trades by Marvel. As always we encourage the search for back issues where possible to learn more about these wonderful characters and hope that, in the wake of the new film, Marvel will make more of these seminal Doctor Strange stories available.

Until then, gaze in horror at the evil entities seeking to cover our world in darkness!

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