Top 5 Unmissable Tom Cruise Movies

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July 18th, 2018

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Top 5 Unmissable Tom Cruise Movies

Top 5 Unmissable Tom Cruise Movies

Probably the more bankable actor of his generation, Tom Cruise has managed to engrave his name with a red-hot iron on the pop culture leather over the years. While the Top Gun sequel reveals itself bit by bit, the American actor returns to the front stage with the release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the final episode of the saga.

If the choice was extremely complicated, it was the perfect occasion to plunge back into his extensive filmography to pick up its five unmissable movies.

5) Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol by Brad Bird - 2011

Credits : Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol


With Brad Bird in charge, the Mission Impossible franchise takes a new flight and reconnect with a particular tradition of the espionage genre. Ethan Hunt is not alone anymore; he has a real team to back him up.

Full of actions without slipping into the “too much”, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol offers, with no doubts, the most beautiful photography of the saga, comforted with a Tom Cruise in top shape. The cream of the cream? So far, maybe.

4) Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick - 1999

Credits : Eyes Wide Shut

Highly contested and judged too shocking or too dull, sometimes even both, Eyes Wide Shut is the last feature of the master Kubrick. Brilliantly played by the Hollywood hottest couple of the time, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut delivers an introspection of a marriage at the moment where the opposition between the manifestation of masculine and feminine desires predominates.

Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) wants to satisfy his fantasies in the real world, while those of Alice, his wife, (Nicole Kidman) occur in her dreams or as repressed souvenirs. With subtle and nuanced performances, the two actors excel in this complex and disruptive work that leaves lasting harm in mind, even many years after.

3) Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson - 1999

Credits : Magnolia

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Magnolia is a vertiginous dive into an intense whirlwind of feelings where the destiny of different people intertwines. The narration, without dead time, is masterly orchestrated by Paul Thomas Anderson who delivers an exquisite human kaleidoscope and a deep moral study swooped on familial wrenches.

In this psychological master chief, Tom Cruise becomes a sexual guru teaching men to “respect the cock”. He appears possessed on screen before laying himself bare in a final deeply-moving scene that can be seen as one of the best performances in his career.

2) Minority Report of Steven Spielberg - 2002

Credits : Minority Report

In this futuristic thriller, Tom Cruise puts himself into the skins of an infallible man going through waves of doubt, haunted by his past and his guilt. Following this accusation of a murder he has not yet committed, he calls the totalitarian society he lives in into question.

Under the thumb of the great Steven Spielberg, we discovered a dynamic and invested Tom Cruise, highly convincing in this film with substantial visual effects. Spielberg and Cruise at their best.

1) Collateral by Michael Mann - 2004

Credits : Collateral

Under the features of a methodical and impassive hitman, his hair dyed in white and with a cold look, the seducing Tom Cruise faces an affable Jamie Foxx in a dark and ferocious thriller helped with a powerful staging by Michael Mann.

Vincent remains a unique role in Tom’s filmography who has scarcely played a bad guy in cinema. His composition is remarkable from the beginning to the end; no showing-off, only pure talent.


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