The Word Worth 1000 Pictures

Michael Whitlatch ComiConverse
March 23rd, 2015

A Super Empowered Community.

The Word Worth 1000 Pictures

ComiConverse isn’t just the name of our Startup, its something we all do.  Its kinetic.  You do it every time you find yourself standing around the water cooler chatting about who might die next on The Walking Dead.

As such, mere words on a page will never be enough to encapsulate the experience we are working hard to create for our ComiCommunity.

Sights, sounds, pictures and colour are all part of what will grow to define ComiConverse, so its no surprise we wanted one of our first marketing efforts to centre around video. For this we partnered with the outstanding team at SugarShack Animation.

Because much of what ComiConverse is about has never been attempted before, we knew Animation held the key to displaying some of our concepts to an eager young audience. The results were outstanding. The entire two minute video will be revealed in time, but for now we are very pleased to offer our very first Startup Teaser.


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