The Future of The Transformers Franchise is Rated R

Tommy Zimmer Tommy Zimmer
June 24th, 2017

Transformers director Michael Bay has been mapping out the future of the franchise with a bunch of writers. “We got 12 great writers together and they kind of created a viable way the universe could go,” Bay told Fandango. “Spielberg and I liked a couple of stories. We merged them together and that's what created number five.” Things have been changing for the Transformers franchise and becoming a lot different than ever before. Bay notes this is the key to looking forward to the franchise.

The Future of The Transformers Franchise is Rated R

“If you watch it [Transformers: The Last Knight] closely, there are a lot of ways that this movie can go from here,” Bay said. “So, it's basically like a launching board for wherever the series will continue.” The point of this writer's room Bay asked for is to start making new and different Transformers films than were previously made.

In Transformers, Bay took Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, a high school couple, into the middle of a war with soldiers, played by Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. The audience met government operatives, played by Jon Voight and John Turturro. We even saw hackers, played by Anthony Anderson and Rachael Taylor. The sequel continued some storylines but did away with others.

In Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, we continued to see LaBeouf and Fox's storylines continue. We also kept to following the military adventures of Duhamel and Gibson. What seemed to be eliminated were the government operatives, except for Turturro, whose character continued evolving, and the hackers. One of the interesting things about the first was the whole diverse response from earth characters. That seemed to be lacking as the focus became much more on the robots. One could say there was the film was a tad robotic at times.

Some things returned to the forefront with Transformers: Dark of The Moon. There was a similar focus on the robots. However, there seemed to be a return to focusing as much on the human characters too. Due to offscreen issues between Fox and Bay, she did not return and instead Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took her place. She was a tad less believable in the movie and it seemed strange after building up all the confidence in LaBeouf and Fox to just take that away.

One of those films could, in fact, be an R-rated Transformers. Bay stated this was something he would be keen on seeing happen. “I would love that,” Bay said. “I've always said that I think that would be a great idea. I don't know if Hasbro would ever have it work, but I think it would be a great idea.” Bay has always seemed to change his films in different ways.

While an R rating seems to be potentially where the Transformers franchise is headed, Bay is doing some things differently than he did in the past.

“I always try to do interesting things visually that I haven't done before,” Bay stated. “I try to do action that I haven't done. I always try to give the audience something that they haven't seen in movies before, visuals they haven't seen. I think there's some incredible, extremely complex visuals in this movie.”

Bay states Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is one of the reasons for the success of his innovation. “At ILM, we're always breaking the bank there in terms of just computing power and whatnot because we do some very, very complicated effects,” Bay stated. “It's always fun to see that one of the great visual effects in the world. They sometimes bang their heads against a wall with how complicated some of these shots are.”

Bay now says he's retiring from making Transformers films. He has said this repeatedly in the past about the last three Transformers films he's made. “This is my last of the franchise, so I guess it's a final chapter in that regard,” Bay stated. Will he stop playing with robotic friends?

When Transformers: Dark of The Moon came out, he said he had reluctance about returning but ended up doing so. With Transformers: Age of Extinction, he stated again he was done with the franchise. One thinks he probably isn't done this time around either.


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