Tera Finally Coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but When?

Holly Hickman Holly Hickman
January 5th, 2018

Tera Finally Coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but When?

Tera’s PC fans won’t be too happy about this news unless they’re even harder hardcore console gamers. Tera, one of PC’s biggest hit MMORPG, is making its big move to console sometime within the year. En Masse entertainment joined forces with Bluehole entertainment to develop a working console version of the game Tera. En Masse Entertainment announced in August this year. There isn’t much known about the game at this time. The game was said to be released sometime in the 4th quarter of 2017, but with only a special test version being released on Dec 14th, 2017 and ran until Dec 18th, 2017.

Credit: Bluehole

Tera Update

En Masse did release an update on the game let fans know about the technical test. In that update, Matt Denomme the senior production manager at En Masse says that a much more extensive Beta is to be released in early 2018. Many are wondering if we will see the game fully functioning anytime soon. Well, I can tell you that unless this beta is a work in progress release like Fortnite, which would be a crappy way to release such a game. Then we probably won’t see Tera release until 1st quarter and possibly the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Credit: Bluehole

Tera Will Not Be Cross-Platform

I haven’t personally played a demo version of this game yet, but I have watched enough youtube videos and read enough info about the game to give you what many others and I know about the game thus far. The first thing to note is that Tera on the console will not support cross-platform play. Meaning Xbox, PS4, and PC gamers will be playing on platform-specific severs. En Masse said that it would be too complicated to launch the console version in line with the PC version but that they as well as Bluehole Entertainment would be doing everything they can to get it as close as possible to where the PC version is at this point.


One constant I have noticed in all my research is that those who have had the chance to play the demo version of Tera on console have notice improvements in the game. Things like motion control, combat, to just how much more natural the game feels on the console. One key element most spoke about was the camera lock added to the console version. By clicking the left thumbstick, you can now lock your camera onto a mob, so you do not have to control the camera while trying to kill the enemies. This makes it easier to focus on what attack or spell you need to use next as opposed to fighting to get the camera facing the right direction.

Credit: Bluehole

Bluehole Rebuilding the UI

Bluehole has been hard at work on rebuilding the UI from the ground up. Giving us a much friendlier console UI to work with, but they have been working on this for over a year now. What’s taking them so long to finish this rebuild? Well, Bluehole says, they are not at the point of release because they are still not happy with the product. They want to produce a console game very similar to the PC version of the game as not to steal any of the elements that PC fans have come to love while making the game more user-friendly with the pad controller.

If you are a fan of Tera, you will be happy to hear that no spells/abilities were cut from the game. You will still be able to use all thirty spells and skills available to each class.

The game looks fantastic from what I’ve seen, and I will be giving this console version a try sometime next year when Tera finally makes its way to store shelves. Well, that’s all the news I could dig up on Tera moving to console keep your eyes peeled for another article as I will do a follow up as more communication becomes available. Happy gaming everyone.

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