Supernatural: Should We Look Forward To Season 12?

Elodie Cure Elodie Cure
May 19th, 2016

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Supernatural: Should We Look Forward To Season 12?

The wonderful Elodie Cure is here with her insightful analysis of where things stand in the world of Supernatural.

Supernatural is destined to outlive us all.

Amidst the incessant number of fantastic TV shows existing, Supernatural has played its cards right enough to be renewed for a season 12. Wrongly considered as a teenage series, Supernatural has managed to attract a faithful and supportive audience that doesn’t seem to be ready to let go of the Winchester brothers. While season 11 is now reaching the end, we have the right to wonder whether the season 12 is well deserved.

Credit : CW Network

Credit : CW Network

The show follows the itinerary of Sam and Dean Winchester skimming the roads in search of abnormal phenomenon. Following the tragic death of their mother, the two brothers decide to take on the family business as supernatural hunters. In a few words, they are a kind of modern times Ghostbusters. Not only do the brothers face ghosts and angry spirits, but they also have to fight other fantastic creatures such as fairies, aliens or jinns.


Originally built on a five season arc, the screenwriters had to change their plans in view of the unexpected success of the series. If the high standards of the show have slightly decreased after season 5, the adventures of the Winchester brothers are still largely enjoyed by their army of loyal fans.

The heart of the series lies on that terrific and charming tandem. Taking on the performance of Dean Winchester, we find Jensen Ackles, previously seen in Dark Angel alongside Jessica Alba. As Dean, he gives the image of a cool, grown and fearless man who takes to heart his protective role toward Sam, his little brother. Sammy is also portrayed by a familiar face, the young actor Jared Padalecki formerly noticed in Gilmore Girls. Sam is a more sensitive character who knows how to handle the different cases with a more sympathetic and thoughtful approach. The powerful brotherly union that Sam and Dean share is both their strength and their weakness. This, undoubtedly leads to some intense situations. Assuredly, this strong bond is one of the main reasons why this show is so captivating, but not only.

Credit : CW Network

Credit : CW Network

The series reinvents itself from season to season. While the two first seasons illustrated urban legends (The Woman in White, The Wendigo), the following seasons drastically move off this theme to focus on religious questions and beliefs. After the introduction of a new recurrent character, Castiel, Angel of the Lord in Season 4, the mythology becomes preponderant. The brothers then have to deal with trying ordeals, such as stopping Lucifer’s rising, ending the Apocalypse or confronting Lilith.
The finales of each seasons are something to point out as well: they are masterful and give a real envy to watch the next seasons.

Added to this the fact that Supernatural enjoys humour and self-mockery. The screenwriters juggle with dark and quirky episodes with talent. That’s why, in an episode the Winchester are unexpectedly thrown into a parallel world where they come across two actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki filming a show called Supernatural. Smart.

Yet, the show suffers from some tiny flaws that are becoming redundant within the seasons. Some events are repeated over and over again (the death of the brothers, their resuscitations, their litiges) and certain plots are weaker than the other ones (the Leviathans in season 7 is a good example). Still, nothing fundamentally disturbing for a show of this longevity.

Credit : CW Network

Credit : CW Network

Thus, to reply to this question: Should we look forward season 12?

Yes, we definitely should.

Supernatural possesses significant merits that would have been impossible to predict at its beginning. For eleven years, the series has maintained an appreciable level of achievement and keeps on surprising the fans despite some pitfalls specific to shows that carry on. The episode that was aired last Wednesday is another striking example that the inherent energy of Supernatural still exists. As long as the quality of the show remains, we will be craving for more.

Keep on going Winchesters, we’ve got your back!


Elodie Cure is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow her on Twitter @Elodie_Cure.

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