Superman: A Look At Wonder Woman And Lois Lane

Kyle King Kyle King

September 6th, 2016

T. Kyle King is a lawyer, a former sports blogger, a panelist on the "Twin Peaks"-centric "Wrapped in Podcast", and a Superman guy.

Superman: A Look At Wonder Woman And Lois Lane

DC Comics is making major changes to Superman, reducing his powers to the level of the Man of Tomorrow’s 1938 debut and publicly revealing his secret identity as Clark Kent. As the Man of Steel makes the transition from Truth to Justice, our Superman writer, Kyle King, takes a look at one of the major issues from the recent makeover.

I am a Superman guy, but I have been critical of recent Superman stories, particularly with respect to their depictions of the Man of Steel’s relationships with Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, the recurring theme seems to be the diminution of characters who traditionally have been outgoing and larger than life.

The current title following the combined adventures of the newly romantically involved “power couple”, Superman/Wonder Woman, premiered in 2013 in conjunction with DC’s line-wide “New 52” reboot. The series’ initial writer, Charles Soule, explained before the title’s launch: “They're arguably two of the most powerful beings in the whole DC Universe and they're romantic together so just imagine the adventures and excitement that can come from that.”


Somewhat more cynically, Superman/Wonder Woman’s inaugural penciller, Tony Daniel, said the book found its genesis as “something that would, for lack of a better example, that hits on the Twilight audience.... The drama, the characterization with love triangles and forbidden love and things like that.” This prompted a sensible question from a fan of superhero comics: “Romance? Is that it? Is there going to be a plot or something?”

Readers of the series can determine for themselves whether Superman/Wonder Woman has been well plotted over its two-year run, but Soule’s and Daniel’s comments make it clear that the premise is that, as the most powerful man and woman in the Justice League lineup, the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess make a natural couple. This questionable premise forms the foundation for every flawed portrayal the series has offered.

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

Historically, the notion of a romantic relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman has been winked at rather than realized. The power couple’s fake engagement in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #136 was a ruse designed to protect Lois. John Byrne had the Man of Steel share an awkward kiss with the Amazon Princess in Action Comics #600, fulfilling fears that had haunted the dreams of Clark’s Daily Planet colleague since at least Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #93 in 1969.

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

Byrne’s super-smooch allowed Kal-El and Diana to get it out of their systems before opting sensibly to be friends and teammates rather than lovers. The correctness of this ultimate resolution had been explained earlier in the Alan Moore story For the Man Who Has Everything, in which Superman and Wonder Woman share a friendly kiss on the former’s birthday. A smiling Superman asks afterward, “Why don’t we do that more often?” Wonder Woman replies, “I don’t know. Too predictable?” The Man of Steel concurs: “You’re probably right.” Even those members of the audience who didn’t like the answer understood its accuracy.

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

That ordinary order was altered by Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come, which ended with Clark and Diana together and expecting a child. However, those events took place in an alternate future timeline, leaving the current canonical continuity in which Superman and Wonder Woman are a couple as a comparative rarity in the DC Universe.

As natural as the pairing appears at first glance, there are good reasons why the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess have not typically been entangled romantically. Moore was right about the predictability of the union, as evidenced by the cynical Twilight rationale offered at the outset of Superman/Wonder Woman’s run, but the mere fact that the relationship is obvious and formulaic does not necessarily mean it is a bad idea.

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As suggested by the second billing Diana receives in the title of the power couple’s shared publication, the pairing with Clark poses large problems for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s historical debt is to feminism, a point underscored in the reaction to creator comments that were squeamish about the application of that label to the Amazon Princess. The unique absence of a central male figure behind Diana’s defining narrative lies at the core of her character. This is why Wonder Woman’s story remains largely unchanged in Marguerite Bennett’s acclaimed DC Bombshells, and it is why Diana’s substantially subordinate role to a now less powerful Superman frequently falls flat.

As tough as this romance is on Wonder Woman, though, it also adversely affects the characterization of the Man of Steel. When the New 52 introduced this relationship in 2012 with a steamy cover to Justice League #12, some fans saw the union as more natural for a Superman now portrayed as “a brooding and self-doubting alien” whose “development focuses very strongly on the alien aspect of his nature.”

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

If anything, though, the emphasis upon Kal-El’s isolation on his adoptive homeworld ought to be an argument against the god-like superhero having a romantic relationship with a goddess. The essence of Superman exists in the tension between the responsibility he bears because of his Kryptonian powers and the desire he feels to be completely human. That latter wish finds expression in Superman’s secret identity as Clark Kent, in his commitment to be true to his Smallville upbringing, and in his relationships with his friends and co-workers.

Today, thanks to Truth, Superman’s secret identity has been revealed. Clark Kent effectively is gone, replaced by Archie Clayton, so Superman’s interpersonal relationships are even more important. What the Last Son of Krypton needs now, more than ever, are his friendships with the human beings who keep him grounded. Superman needs Perry White. He needs Jimmy Olsen. Most of all, he needs Lois Lane.

Lois provides Clark with the link to humanity that Diana cannot, and, without that, he is not truly Superman; he is nearer to the Martian Manhunter than to the Man of Tomorrow. His relationship with Wonder Woman does not strengthen, but actually severs, that essential connection. It is no accident, therefore, that the Superman of Superman/Wonder Woman is distant, aloof, selfish, insensitive, untrusting, and moody. Without Lois to tether the tripartite Superman to his human half, Clark fades into the background in the shadow of the alien Kal-El.

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

Consequently, the fundamental question raised by any romantic relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman inevitably is: “What about Lois?” For the most part, many fans’ fantasy of the ultimate power couple historically has appeared less as a viable alternative to “Clois” and more as a plot device in a story properly centered around the Daily Planet’s top reporter. A union between Clark and Diana can produce some interesting dichotomies, as when Superman confronted Steve Trevor while Wonder Woman squared off with Lois Lane in a recent excellent issue in the Truth arc, but such an unsustainable relationship simply cannot work in the long term because it is too untrue to a trio of iconic characters.

Superman is an alien who craves a closer connection to the humanity that inspires him as much as he inspires us. Wonder Woman is a warrior with no need for a stronger man to make her whole. Lois Lane is an idealist drawn to the Man of Tomorrow as the embodiment of what is best in all of us. All three characters are lessened when Superman is in a dating relationship with Diana rather than Lois. Even after Truth, Clark and Lois should be, and still can be, together.

Are you happy with the present direction of the Superman/Wonder Woman series?

Do you hold out hope that Justice will end with Superman and Lois Lane reunited as a couple?

Share your thoughts in the comments and ComiConverse with us!

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T. Kyle King is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @TKyleKing.

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  1. littlecagedbird says:

    I completely agree with you here. Lois Lane is part of Superman’s humanity, and the story suffers when it severs their connection.

  2. Mary229 says:

    I hold out hope that a day will come when Lois Lane and Wonder Woman—the two oldest and arguably most famous women in comics history–can exist beside one another as pinnacles of feminism in their own way without the constant need to pit them against each other over a man. It sickens me. They can and should exist together in a careful reminder of just how far women have come and the long journey it’s been to get here. This respect and balance for these pinnacles of feminism (both human and superhero) is tossed out the window when Lois is tossed aside and Wonder Woman is shoved into a role that she wasn’t meant for. I’ve never heard an argument for Superman/Wonder Woman that didn’t involve tearing Lois Lane down in some way as not being “good enough” (as if) coupled with the way it objectifies Diana in the male space in a way she was never intended to be and muddles both her mythos and his.

    Also, a discussion of Kingdom Come is really not complete without an understanding that Lois Lane was Superman’s beloved wife in that AU too and it was ONLY because she was brutally murdered that the events of that AU ever came into play. Mark Waid has openly corrected people on Twitter (in a very amusing way) who have tried to distort his message with that story as he was NOT trying in any way to imply that Superman belonged with WW in any other continuity and still viewed Lois as the love of Clark’s life. In fact, he admitted during a class about women in comics run by the great Christy Blanchard that he wasn’t sure the ending of KC had been the right call in retrospect because he didn’t think the relationship really worked “long term.” Then, you get into the issue that the constant killing off AKA “fridging” of Lois Lane in AU’s to make this ship happen is deeply rooted in misogyny and reflects a larger problem with the way comics treat women in their narratives–as disposable, as just there to propel men forward in death and pain.

    The sexism that constantly surrounds this issue is much bigger than just whether or not they should or shouldn’t be together. It speaks to the very nature of just how poorly we treat women in these stories, how we undervalue their worth (Lois is and always has been Superman’s equal) and the way we undercut their narratives in ways that tie them to men in ways never intended (See: Wonder Woman’s mythos now tied to the Super books.). It’s all disgusting.

  3. monkeypants2230 says:

    This is a write up that I think is really retro and a reflection of 90ties thinking. Clois is actually not unique and reflective of many other suprhero romance eg Jane/Thor. It’s kind of a cliched rehashed story that in fact hinges mainly Clark’s morality or love/caring of humanity on dating Lois which is a huge contradiction for a man who was raised by good folk and sees himself as not above humans. Jimmy, Perry, the Kents, Bruce Wayne, Lana, the people of Smallville, Metropolis and earth…they ALL part of his humanity as well as his relationships with people like Diana who is a woman of earth. Even his heritage is important. Lois alone could never give Superman what he needs to complete the hero’s journey nor Steve to Diana. So everything you said can be applied to Lana as a great love interest. So when Lois dies…this alien character who has longevity…what happens then? He’s done as a man and hero? And please do not tell me that Steve Trevor makes Diana more compassionate and more a heroic or she needs a man to be a better woman. She’s been fine without him for 20 plus years. I see this as double standards to try to give Lois some sort of cache that she does not possess because realistically so far she has shown she can be nothing but a love interest and damsel. There is no great Lois story. Show me one. And Bombshells making males inferior so women can show up is not feminism I think. It’s about having two equals in every way. It is no wonder fans are bored by Steve and look to pair Diana with Superman or Batman. Because they are alpha males and as an alpha female Diana is on their level. The readership I think has changed and older readers are out of the loop. People cannot seriously refer to Man of Steel as a great portrayal of “clois”. They barely had any spark. Amy Adams more mother figure with rushed romance to a Clark who fandom and even comic writers are split on his portrayal. A lost boy who needs to be pushed to his own destiny..when Superman is actually the most idealistic and manly and confident of heroes. You say Wonder Woman is not benefited by Superman yet Superman has been losing popularity and relevance for years. Yet you claim him and Lois are the best . Something does not add up at all. And looking back on past Superman movies from the Reeve ones to Routh, I do no think Lois and Clark is something that has to be the be all and end all. Superman I think as well as Wonder Woman need to grow up as heroes and only stories like Kingdom Come challenges them. And it shows they as individuals are responsible for their heroism and their own ingrained goodness and love for humanity comes from within. Not who they date or sleep with.

  4. Mary229 says:

    The majority of this comment is way too ridiculous to even warrant a response but I will touch on one thing: you ask to name a great Lois story. Funny you should ask that! Because I just read two recently. Lois Lane: Fallout and the sequel, Lois Lane: Double Down by Gwenda Bond. Excellent YA novels over 300+ pages a piece that show Lois Lane as the modern, brave, courageous heroine she is coupled with a really lovely romance with Clark Kent. They would make GREAT comics. It’s amazing what can happen when you have the freedom to have women as part of your creative and editorial team outside of the space of DC Comics and truly make a product for young girls. i truly suggest everyone buy it for the young girls AND boys in your life. It’s such a great find and better than almost everything DC is putting out these days.

  5. Tejna Kowlessar says:

    I completely agree with why Lois is needed in Clark’s life, especially now with both Kent’s dead. He is not a battling alien, but a guy who has chosen humanity time and time again, so it makes perfect sense to choose a human in Lois.
    Diana, as wonderful as she is, just isn’t the woman for Clark. Diana unfortunately brings out the power rather than the humanity in Clark. This is why Diana needs Steve as well.
    I pray and hope every day that sanity prevails with DC Comics, and they reunite Lois and Clark, because enough is enough. They’ve experimented with Clark and Diana and its failed.
    Go back to the original power couple: Lois and Clark.
    Because as powerful as Diana and Clark maybe, they’ll still just be a pale comparison to the original: Clois. There’s a reason songs and poems have been written about Clois… Everyone can relate to them because Superman is more human around Lois. And that’s exactly what the readers are: human.
    Ground Superman in humanity, let Clark live, bring back Lois and Clois!

  6. Zoraida Merlo says:

    Well said! I can’t agree more with everything that has been said on this article! I have discussed same topic with my friends on Twitter for a long time. Frankly we are tired of the problematics this book has sustained since its launching. Is not only the constant sidelining of LOIS LANE, but the awful treatment of Wonder Woman and Superman, DC literally took away their cores and personalities just to justify their nonsensical relationship. As some people has pointed out in the comments, this relationship comes from a sexist idea, where the meaning of strength in a relationship is twisted in a nasty way to fulfill fantasies of the fans who took “Women of Kleenex” as canon. It’s just disgusting. There hasn’t been ONE defender of this relationship that is not a Lois’s hater and who main purpose is to see her kill off and erase from narrative to make their point “legit”.
    If one thing the book has proved is that the SMWW relationship shouldn’t be CANON in main continuity. Is one thing to have them in AU such as Kingdom Come, but I have my doubts it would ever succeed in LONG TERM, another different is to rip off Superman and Wonder Woman’s personalities to somehow try to make them work as a couple.
    And the question of the century remains: What about Lois Lane? One of the reasons Superman franchise and popularity as an icon lasted 7 decades!

  7. Robenson says:

    God NO MORE Superman and Lois, I prefer Superman and Wonder Woman: The REAL Power Couple.

  8. monkeypants2230 says:

    You mean a novel where Superman is used as a crutch again??? And touted as her love interest? That is again her relying on Clark Kent Superman notoriety. Not herself. A novel that sending a message to young girls it’s okay to have online romances with people you don’t know? Yeah that is such a great message. Sorry a Lois series with no Superman as a crutch would be more something you can boast of. Not this teenage book relying on the old cliche. Superman does not ned Lois to sell. Lois needs Superman however. DC has not dealt with Lois in any real meaning full way the way they have actually deal with Harley and Black Canary and Diana etc. Because every story boils down to her relying on Superman to market her. By all means give Lois more exposure but you never going to make her into an independent character by making her world revolve around Superman. The whole DCU and all Lois can do is write stories on Superman. Lois Lane still remains as Superman’s girlfriend and has a long way to go.

  9. Mary229 says:

    As I recall, you were banned from DCwomenkicking several years ago for posting constant sexism in her comment threads. In fact, as I recall, she asked you to leave and not post again. Glad to see you have not changed at all in that time frame.

  10. Veronica Cristina says:

    sorry but even DC said that the original power couple is superman and lois lane.

  11. monkeypants2230 says:

    And as I recall you have not changed one bit. You are on everything superman and wonder woman related . People don’t have to take my word for it. Go on many superman/wonder woman related articles and you’re there but it’s a free country. I don’t waste my time on clois articles but this article is comparing superman/wonder woman and asking fans opinion. I have every right to express myself here and DCwomenkickingass is a site that ostracizes female fans who don’t bow to one precious wisdom…ie the church of Lois and Clark. That is the only reason I and many other superman/wonder woman fans get “banned”. Not because they were disrespectful but because they dared to like something you all don’t and dared to say it.

  12. Richard H Sanford says:

    Only after SMWW had been christened so.

  13. monkeypants2230 says:

    A power couple is a couple that has two individuals who are strong and equal in every way. Being a love interest does not make one a power couple. The day Lois heads her own comic and can stand on her own, then she can be part of a power couple. I recall DC gave Lois fans a one shot and it sold poorly. Maybe Lois or clois fans need to put their money where their mouth is instead on chasing down superman/wonder woman to hate on it.

  14. Richard H Sanford says:

    Would you be so kind as to point out the sexist comments please? Because it seems to me that any time anyone so much as breathes a disagreement with you there is a carpet-bombing of cries of “sexist!” and “misogynist!” and so on with not one shred of evidence.

  15. G C says:

    Honestly Clark is the perfect complement of Diana.

    He is an alien? Yes!, but he was raised by human parents who taught him values including respect for the

    human race and the difference of good and evil.

    He doesn’t need to Lois, in fact, nobody needs to Lois. This article expressed despair of a Clombie Fan!

  16. hellacre13 says:

    No offense to Lois or “clois” shippers or Steve/Diana shippers but those pairings did nothing for me in the sense I never really bothered with them even though I grew up knowing of them.I liked Superman as a hero and individual and Wonder Woman as a hero and individual…and their love interests were never the reason I did. I think what appeals to readers vary. Not everyone cares for tradiitonal status quos. Gender roles have been redefined and evolved and frankly so to what heroes stand for or how they relate to a changing world. Superman became the conservative boyscout who had everything for a long time and that I think has not the same resonance as it used to. The readers are changing and DC recognize this. We not only have more females but diverse audiences and though this writer condemns the isolated lonely hero, really in a global diverse world those themes appeal to many many people. From women, to poc to different religion and orientation etc who connect to the outsider aspect of Clark and Diana of the new 52. There were also many superman/wonder woman shippers who connected to the best friends, kindred spirits, allies of old canon that resulted in reason they paired them in Kingdom Come because it was different to the Lois/Clark/Superman triangle. It is sort of ironic that DC are trying to make clois into what Clark/Diana had before ie the best friends angle by tossing our the troupe of the secret id love triangle which was the linchpin of clois for decades. But ultimately I simply think people just like Superman/Wonder Woma because they are NOT clois. They bring up totally different challenges and themes. And you might argue that she is his humanity. I would argue otherwise because Clark Kent is Superman’s humanity and his choice to be a hero and not abuse his power and his experineces and all those he encounters. Diana is very empathetic and she possesses humanity. I think people get tied up in what humanity is and what being part of it or possessing it means just like some want to pigeon hole Superman and Clark as which is real when in fact there is just one guy. Pre new 52 Superman was pretty much critiqued for being a reactive hero. The new 52 one certainly is not that. I enjoy seeing a young Superman who actually feels fresh and passionate and the social crusader and not the old father figure wagging his finger at us when he had so much privildge and very few problems. Morrison understood this which was why he updated the new 52 Superman and took him back to his crusading roots.

    Anyway do I like the direction the Superman/Wonder Woman book is going? Yes mostly. DC tendency to be doom and gloom is annoying at times but it it not a predictable book and Diana has been very strongly protrayed as evidenced by the reviews since Charles Soule and Tony Daniel started it. Just look at most critical reviews, reddit, amazon. Power Couple has solid reviews. Also as an admin to a tumblr that boasts many fans…you will find many people do not want to see Lois and Superman after Truth. There is no real reason to see them together other than clois fans want them paired up based on another continuity, not that there is any real connection between them which makes zero sense. He actually has more chemistry and a better dymanic with new 52 Lana than Lois if DC really wanted to set him up with someone aside to Diana. There is a new Lois and Clark book where they have history so that makes sense. Anyway a link to the superwonder tumblr for those who are curious and enjoy the clark and diana. You are far from alone.

  17. razorstar90 says:

    If strength is what you define power as then you have a very limited scope of the word and the world.

  18. razorstar90 says:

    Bro look at the sales. When you put Lois at the forefront of a Superman comic it sales more than Superman/Wonder Woman comic. Look at the numbers. It happens every single time. Superman/Wonder Woman is consistently in the 30K. When you put Lois Lane on the cover a Superman book it’s in 40K. Check the numbers

  19. David Grant Lloyd says:

    This article reeks of ignorance. And it’s quite sexist of the writer (like most Clois fans have also done) to suggest that Superman is ‘stronger’ than Wonder Woman without providing any evidence. (And then have the audacity to pretend to care about Diana by suggesting the relationship somehow demeans her when it clearly doesn’t)

    Like many other narrow minded clois shippers the writer here mentions Moore’s ‘Man who has Everything’ story but fails to mention it was written BEFORE some 20 odd years of Clois marriage, making the clois relaionship a million times more predictable than SMWW could ever be … it also fails to mention that Moore was going to write an epic SMWW story ‘Twilight of the Superheroes’ proving he was not opposed to the relaionship being explored.

    Superman DOES NOT ‘need’ Lois. Lois DOES NOT keep him ‘grounded’. This is a misconception that so many clois fans cling to. But it’s not true. His upbringing is what keeps him grounded. The clois relationship makes him less less Superman and more Clark. I and many others would rather see Superman in a Superman comic rather than Clark.

    Superman and Wonder Woman are perfect together. It demonstrates they are equal and fun and exciting … the best.

    BTW this article neglects to mention that clois shippers are actually going to be getting their own book soon. So why are you still complaining? You’ve got your book, we’ve got ours … isn’t that enough for you? If not, why are you the only group allowed to buy the comics you want to buy?

  20. razorstar90 says:

    You know what’s funny. The Superman/Wonder Woman book is no where near a top seller. You’d think a book featuring the “Power Couple” would sell at least in the 40K it mostly hovers at the 30K. Yet, when Lois appears in them or feature her prominently, the Superman book SELLS much better. Look at August numbers. When Lois was featured prominently in Superman/Wonder Woman and Batman/Superman the books sold WAY better than in the previous month. People say they like Superman/Wonder Woman but they sure as hell buy the books more when Lois appears in it.

  21. Richard H Sanford says:

    Cite your sources please. And do not say “diamond” as those are fairly unreliable. Also, which issues, specifically.

  22. Richard H Sanford says:

    You keep saying that yet there’s no substantive proof. Do you have access to the sales data that DC has? I’m pretty sure that a title that doesn’t sell very well as well as its merchandising would prompt DC/WB to stop, and yet, they’re not. Please, cite your sources.

  23. Richard H Sanford says:

    Because eff Ma & Pa Kent, who only *raised* him, or Jimmy, his best friend, or Perry White, the pitiful human who has the audacity to boss him around. Yeah, *no*one* else in the entirety of the planet Earth helps Clark connect to his humanity. Or, perhaps it’s his innate goodness and humility? Nah, we have to attribute it to a character who’s ultimately a total shrew. Yeah, that’s it.

  24. Jamie Tedtaotao says:

    SM/WW is selling great. A lot of people like the pairing and what I don’t understand is is Clois fans have a comic now they can read. We have what had SM/WW two years we fans put up with Clois for decades I think we can keep something we actually want to read. Want to talk about Lois humanizing Superman that does a disservice to the Kents. Actually in cannon several times in cannon Superman almost destroys the world for his “love” of Lois or being made to believe she was dead. Diana is always the one to call to bring him back from the brink. She has countless times soothed the monster in him, so to say she does nothing for him is a disservice to her. That’s why he shares more with her than he ever did with Lois. If Superman not being an alien monster rests solely on his love for Lois than the world is in heap big trouble.

  25. Jamie Tedtaotao says:

    Right Hellacre, you say it best as you always have. It’s nice after all these years there is SM/WW support. This “article” is so biased.

  26. hellacre13 says:

    Some would like to convince people that superman/wonder woman has little or no support when it clearly is not the case. Both couples have their fans, and clois or steve/diana had more exposure being the status quo for longer. But people still choose to ship something else despite all that exposure. And on the eve of a new clois comic coming out for that famdon we have an article condemning a comic that in no way should affect their support of clois. Shows how self entitled I think some fans are. All for one group and nothing for others. Not that its a good thing for comics generally if we have more people reading and buying.

  27. Jamie Tedtaotao says:

    Exactly I’m like ya’ll got your comic now … Leave it alone. Years of reading drivel we didn’t have an alternative. Don’t get me started on Immortal Beloved how that pandered. Talk about Making no sense… That’s why I wrote a story about it. Anyway thank you Hellacre… You are a hero to me honestly actually you were one of the first to let me know I was not alone in seeing how much SM/WW does work. As if I needed any convincing your beautiful words sealed the deal for me.

  28. razorstar90 says:

    Ma and Pa raised him to be a good person and do the right thing. They taught him that all people have value. But Lois taught him WHY. He was raised to do the right thing, but never truly understood why until he came across Lois Lane. A normal human woman, who goes out of her way and often puts herself in danger to give the people the truth. To shed light. Her dedication to the truth and her belief that the people should know the truth gave him a tangible example of why human beings have value. She goes out everyday to fight for truth and justice in the face of imminent danger with no super powers and no money (ala Batman). She goes out and tries to bring truth and justice in this world and that’s what inspires Superman. Her example gives him Hope for the future and hope for humanity, just as he gives us hope for the future. That’s why Superman and his humanity is tied to Lois. And it’s why whenever something happens to Lois, Superman sequesters himself and is far more removed from humanity than he usually is. That’s why in Superman Unchained (the best version of Superman in the New 52 era) when Lois ask him how he knows what the right thing to do is he simply responds that it’s what she would do, that’s how he knows his decision is the right one.

  29. Richard H Sanford says:

    Oh *stop*. You’re precious lane has added nothing to Superman’s story-lines other than being a falling damsel in distress to save, except maybe someone to bitch Clark out for something. Do you want to know the difference between lane and Wonder Woman? When Clark was later for a date with Diana, he apologized and she stated she understands, that it’s the life they lead. Together. When Clark apologizes to lois, with a bouquet of *flowers*, no less, lane scolds him. Yeah, lois lane, keeping Clark tethered to his “humanity” by scolding and humiliating him.

    Let me tell you something, for a parody, this is 100% dead on target.

  30. razorstar90 says:

    Look at the numbers in July and August. Lois wasn’t in Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman and these comics have terrible sales in July. When she appeared in those comics in August, comics began to sell better. Just look at the numbers. Action Comics 42 in July Superman/Wonder #19. Those comics sans lois sold less than the comics featuring Lois the following month in August. This according to Comicbeat DC Comics Month to Month Sales.

  31. razorstar90 says:

    The specific number that Sup WW 19 was 36,666 the following month compare that with Superman 42 the following month which came in at 46,691.Superman 49,825. Superman/Wonder Woman 20 38,834.

  32. Richard H Sanford says:

    Superman: Unchained! Teh besest sooperman tidle! See hau lois is humanitizing sooperman!

  33. Jamie Tedtaotao says:

    Who is more humanizing…

  34. Jamie Tedtaotao says:


  35. Jamie Tedtaotao says:

    Who is more “humanizing” for him?

  36. monkeypants2230 says:

    You are reaching.There is very little logic to your claims as well. Lois was never advertised as being in those books. Not in the all the solicits. Nor all the covers. So unless you had a crystal ball or psychic. And when she did appear in Batman/Superman she was barely in them if you want to count panels. One could say compare other characters who might happen to be in the books like Jimmy, Lee, Lambert, Gordon, Perry, Lana…even the villains…hmm maybe they the reason they sold too. The glaring thing in all this is when Lois had a one shot, what happened then to the sales? And she is in earth society #3 cover. What happen there? What happen to Smallville comic? I am not trying to diss Lois but your whole logic makes very little sense and lacks consistency in your attempts to rationalize sales because you have a bias against Superman and Wonder Woman. In any case let’s keep an eye on the clois comic out tomorrow. The numbers should be very interesting and really give you real evidence as everyone knows what the premise about…ie Lois is headling with Superman. By your arguments it should beat the nos for Superman/Wonder Woman #1 and over the next year the trend should be up than standard attrition or the usual jumps if there are crossovers or other factors.

  37. monkeypants2230 says:

    But strength does not. It is the ability to be independent of each other in concrete ways ie which leads to independent stories and actual $$$$…not the fans trying to piggy back off a batmansuperman comic which always sold well and try to say it is because of Lois who is barely in it. Unfortunately Lois fans failed her so far else she’d have her own series by now. And for decades Lois and Clark never used the term power couple nor were know by it nor marketed as such but when Superman and Wonder Woman was dubbed that title…suddenly clois fans wanted it too.

  38. monkeypants2230 says:

    Now this is where this whole humanity thing falls flat and you’re right. Superman in several stories where they want to try to say he is so human because of her and if she is not around he goes off the rails. That ironically shows that there is nothing grounded about that love but it is emotional dependency and he learns nothing by being with Lois if he can lose his whole moral core. DC writers need to realize that you don’t do that to any character. Not Superman.Not Wonder Woman and not even Lois. If Lois was in a world she never met Superman she’d still be Lois and a good reporter. If Clark died I doubt she’d lose her morality or her zest for life. So DC should not come and dilute the heroes principles for a love interest. Those kinds of troupes need to go into the bin where they belong.

  39. Robenson says:

    DC didn’t say that. CBR did.

  40. HeatherG says:

    Let’s see, the dude was raised in a farm by loving HUMAN parents, attended school with other HUMAN children, went to college with other HUMANS, has a career working alongside other HUMAN colleagues, lives in an apartment among other HUMAN neighbors, but somehow, some freaking how, he needs Lois as a love interest in order to feel “connected” to humanity. Talk about wishful thinking.

    Superman and Wonder Woman, the ACTUAL Power Couple are truly equals in more ways than one and hardly predictable. No more damsel in distress nonsense, now we have a female who can not only save herself, but him as well.

  41. HeatherG says:

    Let’s be honest here, that’s not the real reason why some posters are banned from that site.

  42. Myriam El Kholi says:

    Superman and WW are a horrible and very predictable choice. I hate power couples. Superman needs an anchor and Lois was that to him, she kept him grounded and gave him the humanity he sought. I know he had his parents but they were never enough. I really hate them together. I also think WW needs Steve. And then they wonder why the man of steel is losing fans because they are screwing it all up, the only people who enjoy this arc are kids who started reading comics when the new 52 started but that means they are alienating many others who actually know about the history of superman. I just hope this ends soon.

  43. Victor Espi Soler says:

    In Superman/Wonder Woman 25(In January) Diana tries to help regain his powers with the help of Olympus(he must prove worthy).. If successful, Clark will have to be more than grateful to Diana… If there is no couple(if he feels guilty), Superman will be single..

    The Superman PRE-NEW52 live in Prime Earth with his Lois and his son, in Superman:Lois and Clark…. No need to repeat the same couple(will very stupid) and “the truth” makes it imposible..

  44. Victor Espi Soler says:

    I doubt it and not worth … Superman,Lois and his son Pre-New52 now live in the world of New52 in the SUPERMAN:LOIS CLARK new serie.. They arrived at the first visit to the land of Darkseid, thanks the convergence.

    Even without “the truth” repeat the same couple would not be worth.

  45. BA says:

    Lois and Superman ARE the REAL Power couple and always will be. This whole series is just simply boring and doesn’t do justice at all to the characters. Issue #22 is the worst of the lot.

  46. Benjamin Harrison says:

    I think what people need to realize is that it’s not about Grounding, but about the fact that SUperman needs to ultimately rise up and accept greater responsibility and principle than what ordinary humans can take.

  47. Benjamin Harrison says:

    There are times that he cried to Lois too, but still, it’s true that Lois isn’t the only one that Clark can be good with, and she can still be his friend, too.

  48. Benjamin Harrison says:

    Yeah, especially when he’s going to outlive her most likely anways.

  49. Mare says:

    Great article, thank you very much! Says it all.

  50. Victor Espi Soler says:

    Clark and Lois Pre-Flashpoint bring back. fans have them together again… Because this Superman with Lois again?

    Why DC will repeat the couple?

    -Although increasingly it looks more difficult

    Darkseid War: A gathering Diana with Steve
    Super League: Live Lois change forever… posible answer, she back with superman

    I would like to clark and Diana follow together but …

    I think I should give up all hope .. DC think this couple to separate or many complaints from fans old and insufficient sales made the separated ..

  51. D'Iamante Robinson says:

    I’m vet disappointed in the direction that DC is heading with the relationship. Superman is all love struck over Lois and Wonder Woman is all jealous I hate it. Clark and Diana can work they do work on a level that lois and Clark never will. I hope Superman and Wonderwoman continue being a couple m

  52. alexschindler says:

    You put it perfectly in this paragraph :

    “Superman is an alien who craves a closer connection to the humanity that inspires him as much as he inspires us. Wonder Woman is a warrior with no need for a stronger man to make her whole. Lois Lane is an idealist drawn to the Man of Tomorrow as the embodiment of what is best in all of us. All three characters are lessened when Superman is in a dating relationship with Diana rather than Lois. Even after Truth, Clark and Lois should be, and still can be, together.”

    I would sharpen the point about superman slightly. Throughout his history as an icon, as a “beacon of hope” (as most interpretations of the S on his chest put it), as the hero who stands for “truth, justice and the American way”, there have been tweaks and changes in his personality, his dual identity, and his origins- how he came to be that figure. But the best interpretations are those that remind us thar Clark Kent was raised on good old American heartland values by the exceptional Ma and Pa Kent. (as the animated series put it in one episode, his two greatest powers.) He’s not just the last son of krypton, he’s an all-american hero. Humanity, and more specifically our corner of humanity, is at the very core of what superMAN – not superkryptonian – stands for.

    What makes him admirable isn’t his lasers or his strength, but those values, the ones that make him the object of derision to more cynical characters. (the big blue boy scout, right?) the fact that he holds back, that he tries to talk an aggressor off the ledge, that he rescues the bad guys, that he almost never kills. An omnipotent hero is boring as hell unless the real struggle is on the moral plane, and superman embodies the hero of conscience- human conscience, and dare I say the conscience of the traditional American heartland.

    I realize comics have gone global and even intergalactic and interdimensional in scope, and superman is the ultimate hero of most universes / timelines / multiverses /continuities. On some level “justice league *of America *” is an anachronistic concept. It feels parochial. So to keep him relevant in our cosmopolitan, globalized generation, some interpretations downplay the American aspects of superman.

    But those aren’t the good ones. The good ones show a character development arc like, for instance, the Smallville show and comic. (talk about appealing to thr twilight crowd! And yet they didn’t screw this up). He goes from not understanding his place in the world, to the epiphany that what grounds and tethers him to th world he’s dedicated to protecting and inspiring is his Smallville, Kansas upbringing, his friends, and his love- not his love for some demigoddess reboot who is frankly less cool than she used to be (and I’m a big WW fan too). His love for a sassy, independent, strong human woman, a journalist whose endless faith in him is reciprocated by his faith in humanity’s ability to be better.

    Without Lois, he’s just a strong, moody alien.

    And what you said about WW is equally on point. She doesn’t need to be anyone’s lesser half. At least the comics show her confidence that she can kick her new boyfriend’s ass in hand-to-hand (and batman as referee in that argument is right as always). But come on. To the extent she wants a man in her life, why write Steve Trevor out? Because he can’t fly? It’s just inconsistent with the character’s personality to be concerned with whether or not her chosen lover makes her part of a “power couple.”

  53. Steven Porter says:

    I for one am a Superman fan and a Wonder Woman fan, and I was very happy that they ended up together. Superman should have never been with Lois to begin with. She is a weak character and an idiot who always gets captured or puts herself in danger all the time. I have not met anyone who was happy with the Lois and Clark thing. When New 52 was coming out and it showed that Superman and Wonder Woman were going to be together I and my friends said finally a couple that truly belong together. I hope DC decides to keep the power couple together. They are the best kind of relationship one can ever ask for, Best friends, Partners who work and share every experience on the battlefield. They don’t need to worry about each other since they both can hold their own. Unlike weak Lois who superman has to stop what he’s doing just to get her out of the way, but walks or runs back to the action to make sure Superman is okay or to get the scoop. She is a character that should not be with Superman, Put Lois with Steve and Keep the power couple together. It makes better story and more realistic.

  54. TheGentleJim says:

    I enjoyed Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship. It was, in my opinion, a welcome change after 50 years of the same pairings.

    Also, this was pretty cute. I mean, she has the Superman key chain… it’s just so cute!