Suicide Squad Surprises

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June 3rd, 2015

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Suicide Squad has become one of the most talked about films this summer, even though this movie has only started being filmed.  There has been a steady drip of news from the set of Suicide Squad which has been leaked by those watching on set as it is filmed.

Suicide Squad Surprises

From the look of Harley Quinn to the look of Joker; even the Joker's new car had its day. Countless spoilers have been leaked to the internet. Yet, one major spoiler that most fans were hoping for most has finally been shown.

Rumours began to circulate that Ben Affleck, who is playing Batman in Batman vs Superman, was spotted in the Toronto area on the set of Suicide Squad. This sent the internet on a rampage with Batman fans screaming for him to be in the movie and for him to interact with Jared Leto's Joker. Many began to speculate and hope that they would not only get to see Batman vs Superman in 2016, but that they would also get to see their new Batman and Joker interact.

These wishes were answered recently when a set photo from a fan was released of the Batmobile on the set of Suicide Squad.

This one picture set Twitter and the rest of the internet off. People left and right could not believe it. Batman will officially be in Suicide Squad. Later that day, videos from the set started leaking out of the Batmobile chasing Joker's hot new ride around Gotham. Just a couple days after more pictures and videos were leaked to the public of Batman on top of the car trying to cut into it presumably to capture The Joker.

The Batman vs Joker rivalry is one of the most interesting and loved rivalries in all of comics. This is due largely to the characterization of the Joker throughout the years. He has transformed from a pure criminal who is just looking for some laughs, to a completely insane individual who will kill you in a second with no reason. This relationship that was built by the writers over at DC comics has made it something many fans can’t help but get into. The relationship through the years has grown and gotten crazier from the Joker killing Jason Todd in “Batman: A Death in the Family” to the Joker showing Batman it just takes one bad day to turn a normal person into someone like him in “The Killing Joke”. The relationship between these two icons continues to grow with every new comic DC puts out. That is why fans were hoping to see how Ben Affleck’s Batman interacts with Jared Leto’s Joker.

Shortly after Suicide Squad director David Ayers released a tweet stating that all that has been leaked is just a sliver of the surprises that he has in store for DC fans and that not much has really been spoiled. He also announced that shooting has concluded for the outdoors portion of the film.

For all the fans wondering, “What will Batman possibly do in Suicide Squad?” Well the rumour going around is that he will in fact be in the beginning of the film and be the reason for both the Joker and Harley Quinn end up in Belle Reve. Which would explain why he is chasing the Joker and how he fits into the movie as a whole. There is one thing that will be certain, how the Joker and Batman interact with one another could tell Batman fans what future movies between the two may be like. Suicide Squad will be releasing a couple months after the release of Batman vs Superman on August 5th, 2016.


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