Star Wars: Why I Cannot Wait For Rogue One

David Hernandez David Hernandez

August 24th, 2016

David Hernandez is a published author, content creator, writer, and illustrator with a series of popular children's books, comics, teen fiction, and graphic novels. David is also a Creative Consultant & Creative Director. working in publishing, New Media, Mixed Reality, & licensed products - specializing in Children's Entertainment. Clients include Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, and Disney. David has had the pleasure of working on some of the world's most iconic brands including Star Wars, SpongeBob Squarepants, Marvel Comics, King Kong, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, and the Minions! David is also the owner of his own publishing imprint, Davdez Arts Inc.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is racing towards is December release date, and our David Hernandez obviously can't wait. Here, in his first post for ComiConverse, David lets us know why Rogue One has him more excited about Star Wars than he's been in a while.

Star Wars: Why I Cannot Wait For Rogue One

Star Wars Rogue One Cast

Credit: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars! The mere sound of those two words together make most men (and women) my age find a happy little place within our hearts; a place where we not only embrace the heroes and villains of the saga, but also reminisce about our happier childhood memories.

For me personally, it means even more. Not only was I a child of the George Lucas / Steven Spielberg era but, as I grew, these passions took me on an amazing journey. Thanks to those wonderful stories from Star Wars books, comics, and movies, I grew into what is now commonly referred to as an "Intellectual Geek". (Not a very trendy title in the late seventies by the way.)


Thankfully, with hard work and determination (I know, too cliche!) I was able to successfully follow my dreams.  I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of working with Lucasfilm and many other major studios.

So you see, Star Wars means a lot to me.

That brings me to the topic of this week’s rant: Star Wars Rogue One!

I am actually more excited about this film than I was about Star Wars: Episode VII.  The reason being that this film is all about "My Star Wars".  That's right people, I am owning this, and I believe most of you reading this (and if you are age 42 and up) are going to love this film as well!


Well... This is 1977 Star Wars!

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The characters may be new, but the worlds, the ships, the situations, are all from those fantastic moments in history that captured our imaginations the first time around.  When George released the prequels, we were all slightly disoriented - although Doug Chiang gave us amazing new ships and worlds - we were all a bit disengaged. It was a new-and-improved Star Wars.

Still great, but different.

Where were the X-wings?  Where was little Han Solo?

Then finally, after all those years of imagining what happened after Return of the Jedi, a new trilogy was upon us!  We drooled with anticipation until the release of Episode VII - and we were pleased... as a sigh of relief came in realizing that the saga was in safe hands.  But even this new film was still not "My Star Wars".  Solo was older, and he had lost Leia.  Luke was missing, self-exiled. Even my beloved little astromech was replaced by a scene-stealing Sphero - which my kids adored.  Now please don't get me wrong, I love BB-8, but I knew R2-D2... and you BB-8 are no Artoo Detoo!

But now, here comes Rogue One!

Everything I know and love about the Star Wars universe has returned, allowing me to share my world with my children. A world filled with X-wings and TIE Fighters. Heck, there's even a Death Star!

A Death Star people!

Yes, this film is going to focus more on the WARS in "Star Wars", but that doesn'tt bother me. I know that the director is probably giggling with his crew as they throw in every little Easter egg they can - just to make us older guys yell out, "Did you see that? Awesome!" Sinking back into our theater chair with an exhale of pure joy.

This movie is going to be fantastic!

The characters already look great.  And come on, how many times have we each dreamed of what it must have been like to be a rebel against the Empire... before Luke stumbled upon it, before the battle of Yavin?

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So get your tickets and your extra large buttery popcorn, this is going to be a very “Star Warsy” Christmas.

May the force be with us all!


Are you as excited as Davis is about Star War: Rogue One?

Does a return to the plot of the original trilogy help or hurt your enthusiasm?

Let us know in the comments section below.


David Hernandez is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: @DavdezHernandez

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  1. The movie certainly looks promising, as does the new edgy perspective it will take. While this is the case, I am somewhat concerned about the “extensive reshoots” that seemed like they may have sugar coated and simplified a much edgier film.