Star Trek Beyond: Rave Reviews And Box Office Success

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July 20th, 2016

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Star Trek: Beyond appears to be on course for a $60 million opening week at the box office. This as the newest edition to the rebooted franchise rakes in positive review after positive review from critics; including a 4/5 from our own critics here at ComiConverse.

Star Trek: Beyond currently has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and has won praise for for what the New York Daily News called "smart fan-focused writing".

Despite pressure from films like Ghostbusters and Ice Age: Collision Course, Star Trek: Beyond appears to have found acceptance with the franchise's core fans, as well as with newer generations of Sci-Fi faithful.

Star Trek Beyond

Credit:: Star Trek Beyond

The film is not without controversy, as this release marks the first attempt to portray the character of Mr. Sulu as an openly gay man; a change which annoyed some fans, including actor George Takei, who first played the role. Such re-workings have become more commonplace in Hollywood in recent years, as studios have battled to adapt their franchises to a new era, with a more diversified movie-going public. These efforts have not always been positively received by loyal fan bases, who chafe at alterations to the characters they know and love.

The evidence is clear, however, that Star Trek: Beyond isn't suffering from such issues, as the film is already likely to be considered a success; both critically and financially.

Despite the positives, Star Trek: Beyond has yet to achieve the heights of the first two rebooted Star Trek films, Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, which grossed opening week hauls of $75.3 million and $70.2 million respectively. Still, there is ample evidence to believe that the franchise is alive and well, and studio executives will, no doubt, be encouraged; especially with the upcoming Star Trek television series, which will debut on CBS and Netflix in January of 2017.

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