Event Review: Senoia Summer Dead Bash

Renee Hansen Renee Hansen
June 1st, 2018

Event Review: Senoia Summer Dead Bash

Event Review: Senoia Summer Dead Bash

The 1st Annual Senoia Dead Bash is over and in the books! If you missed it,  I am just plain sad for you because this event was spectacular. It was a unique & intimate fan experience. The event was the brainchild of Oscar Rodriguez, Scott Spillman & their, without a doubt, better halves Casey & Becky. The vision was to host a Walking Dead themed art event in the heart of Walking Dead Country, Senoia, Georgia. For the backdrop, they decided to use the historic Veranda Bed & Breakfast for the venue. A quaint historic B&B with the perfect setting for this event.

We arrived in Senoia a couple of days ahead of the event, we were given the grand tour by Oscar. He showed us the grounds and explained the layout of the event. Being a huge fan of historic homes, I was impressed with the Veranda. The house itself would feature the main artists Oscar, Scott, Robin Overton known as the Black & White guy and special guest artist & Walking Dead actor Xander Berkeley. The outside area where most of the event would take place was well laid out & gorgeous. Oscar’s passion and enthusiasm for the Dead Bash could not be ignored as he excitedly pointed out the layout to us and whipped us into a frenzy of excitement.


The initial idea behind the Dead Bash was to promote artists but, it grew beyond that quickly! As a brilliant move, they added vendors & meet and greets with Walking Dead cast members. The event was sold out but people were allowed to gain entry before 5 pm without a ticket. During this time they were able to access some meet & greets and check out the vendors. But after 5 pm it was ticket only entry and the party started.

Event Venue

The attendees were able to access ALL the meet & greet opportunities with actors like IronE Singleton (T-dog), Peter Zimmerman (Eduardo), James Chen (Kal), Sabrina (Tamiel), Josh Mikel (Jared), Jake Kearney (Nelson), WF Bell (Savior),Karen Ceesay (Bertie), Jeremy Palko (Andy) and Nicole Barre (Kathy). And, if you were on your game you would have seen Jayson Warner Smith & Seth Gilliam milling about. Other awesome guests were Addy Miller (Teddy Bear walker), Steven Vining (Hero Walker), Tim Proctor (Hero Walker), Kylie Szymanski (Walker Penny) & ‎ Melissa Cowan (bicycle walker). Being a comic-con veteran I can tell you it was so much more intimate and exciting than fighting through a crowd of thousands. The actors took their time to engage with their fans, laughing and joking and my husband even got a big bear hug from IronE.

As if this event could have been any more awesome with all its Walking Deadness it was also a fundraiser for Animal Hope & Wellness and Royal Animal Refuge! It was such a great idea to bring in the puppies! Who doesn’t want to cuddle a puppy? There was a silent auction with amazing items available for bidding with the proceeds benefiting both of these charities.

For the night's entertainment, the MC was Chris from BeaztModeNY. He did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd engaged and did amazing interviews with the celebrities. DJ on 1 wowed the crowd and kept a dance party going until the very end. Oscar and Scott, If this event doesn’t have a sequel to you better have a damn good reason because THIS girl had one hell of a time.  Keep your eyes out because you won’t want to miss next year’s 2nd annual Senoia Summer Dead Bash!

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