Nerdcast 2015 Comic-Con Special

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July 13th, 2015

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Nerdcast 2015 Comic-Con Special

We’ve got a special episode in store for you all today! The last few days on the internet were overrun with the #SDCC hashtag so today’s host, Roger, is joined by Jordan, Ryan, Dale, Micah and Nick to talk about the biggest comic and movie related topics to come out of 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con and the Batman v Superman Trailer.

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Nerdcast Comic-Con Special Top 5 Topics

Dawn of Justice Trailer

The red capes are coming…

Wow guys, it’s a great age to be a movie-goer huh? July 11th was the day that Warner Brothers took the stage at Hall H. While fans were scrambling to find any sort of livestream or leak of what was happening, Warner Brothers decided to drop the most anticipated comic book trailer on us- Batman v Superman.

There was just so much going on in that trailer that I’ll leave the details to the guys, but, WOW. Was there anything to not like about this trailer?


Only 257 days left.

Green Lantern Corps


During the DC panel at Comic-Con, it was also announced that we would be getting not just a Green Lantern movie but a Green Lantern Corps movie.

At the beginning of the panel, they started off by stating, “These are the films we are making”. They then played a reel of future movies using footage, concept art, and logos. One of the logos that went by was for a future Green Lantern Corps movie. The Green Lantern Corps are basically the universe’s policemen, with the members patrolling the 3600 sectors. This means that we won’t just be seeing one, but multiple Green Lanterns in the DC Cinematic Universe. This was a good choice because it shows the fans that there is a lot more to a superhero universe than just our solar system, and yes, everyone might just get to see their favorite Green Lantern on the big screen this time.

The Killing Joke

Bruce Timm’s next animated project was announced to be an adaptation of The Killing Joke. The Killing Joke is one of DC’s most iconic and memorable comics, and with good reason. Many Joker, Batman, Robin, and just comic book fans in general regard The Killing Joke as being one of the best Joker and BatFamily stories. There’s not much details on any other part of the film, but, fans do have high hopes for this movie.


Batman and Ben Affleck

Aside from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer we got, there was also some sweet news that BatFleck is more committed to the Batman character than we thought. This Thursday, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Ben Affleck will indeed direct and star in an untitled Batman standalone film.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice actor will co-write the film with Geoff Johns, the acclaimed comics scribe and chief creative officer for DC Entertainment, sources confirm. Entertainment Weekly


Being the follow up to Christian Bale, Ben has a big shoe to fill in; but judging from the second Batsuit, Ben’s shoes are definitely bigger. It’s amazing how dedicated filmmakers are to the success of the DC Cinematic universe that they would be willing to both star, direct, and work with comic book writers to make it a reality- all three of which are not easy tasks.

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