How Risky Are Comics Film Flops?

Grant Billings Grant Billings
September 22nd, 2015

How Risky Are Comics Film Flops?

It's no secret that superhero movies have taken over the movie theatres. With at least a couple coming out each year, they ante up millions of dollars bringing in major profit for their respective companies. But what does it mean when the movies are a flop?

Of course good movies are a dime a dozen these days. Movies not involved in the MCU or any kind of comic book adaptation, are different. They're made, put into theatres and then they go on the shelves. Usually not going anywhere after that unless it was made for a sequel and still needs to tell more story. Even then it's not as big, they don't get Comic Con or any other conventions usually.


Credit: Marvel Comics

For comic book movies on the other hand, a flop its bad news for fans and their companies. Way back in 2008 we were graced with Iron Man on the big screen. Remember how awesome it was to see RDJ put on that suit for the first time and revamp Tony Stark? Geeks everywhere rejoiced and soon the number of comic books fans exploded. Which was just what Marvel had wanted.

Now Man of Steel, was DC's Iron Man in a sense. It started their Justice League plan (like how

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